Varjo Aero Controller support

As mentioned above for me the controllers with the Aero are not showing up in the Game…

Any possibility to fix this ?

I do not have the Varjo Aero but have a Vive Pro 2 with Valve Index controllers and they do show up in the sim.

Which controllers are you using with the Aero as they need to be SteamVR controllers to the best of my knowledge?

I am using the Valve index controllers. In the Varjo base they show up but not in the game sadly …

I have the Aero and Valve Index controllers. I believe SteamVR has to be running for them to show up in the sim. It gets automatically started for me when I switch to VR and the controllers work fine.

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Yes thats right , tried it and now they are working , my fault sorry…

One thing I have found out is the VR controllers are very jumpy when trying to use them for the throttle, trim and the mixture. I hope they can make this at least as good as using the mouse. I did a Twitch stream doing pattern work at KERI showing the issue and was quite a fun experience.