Varjo Aero, ultimate fps boost with DLSS + OpenVR Toolkit settings? At a cost of glass lcd visuals?

I’ve been toying with settings with the Aero with su10beta and think i’ve found a pretty optimal setting that works well.

If i use TAA and RS of 100 in sim and use OpenVR Toolkit set to 85% with FOV at preset quality, i can get decent results, however some areas are harder hitting like 2NC0 (trees?), so more performance is needed.

Note i run i9-12900k at 4.9ghz… if i jump to 5.1 (too hot) i can gain 3 fps on these numbers, i also run DDR5 at 6400 which really helps, along with the 3080ti (the TI was a bit of a boost over the non ti)

Examples: TAA mode… San fran runway in G36 clear skies, Opentoolkit at 85%/fov, 48 fps
DLSS quality, OpenToolkit 94% + fov = 53-54 fps

2NC0 broken clouds in Milvis 310 (and clouds set to HIGH) on runway, 85%/fov, TAA : 38 fps
DLSS (94%/fov): 47 fps

I find the sweet spot, with minimal ground blurring at low altitude is 45 fps, so that was my goal here… the aero does seem to support Reprojection now, but if it dips below 45 fps its stuttery, so still a no go until there is a lower multiplier or better frame rates.

I’ve played with both open toolkit sharpening and the amd sharpening sliders, i cant see a huge difference on import things like cockpit glass on the GPS units.

The best test for cockpit GPS readability i’ve found is the milviz 310, the lower lcd panel.

The cost here with dlss (currently) is that the lower panel text is a tad blurrier than if in TAA mode, maybe there is some magic way to clear that up without losing more frames. Also, medium clouds switched to high mode can cost 4-7 fps, particularly at 2NC0, but i find higher more real looking.

I want to say that turning off scaling in the Open VR toolkit didnt help on clarity or made it slightly worse for some reason, and losing fov rendering in the kit loses 3-4 fps, although having it on with dlss shows more artifacts just off center.

Some more tests :slight_smile:

after increasing some in sim graphic settings, im still able to achieve 47ish fps at 2nc0, this with 100% scale in openxr toolkit to help with the glass gps.

however, another better test is EGLC, there with clouds and high cloud setting i’m at 41-42 fps.

If i overclock the 3080ti clock by 100mhz and memory by say 400, i can gain 2 fps to these numbers.

At this point i have contact shadows on medium, reflections on medium, occlusion to low, textures all on ultra, trees still on medium (set to high lose 2-4 fps), grass on medium, buildings on high etc.

Thanks for this topic.
I have also tried DLSS on Varjo Aero (NVidia RTX3090 and i9-10900K). Strangely enough with DLSS on, for any setting whether performance or quality, the sharpness of the image becomes much worse then it is on TAA. Any other setting is unchanged and I tried with and without OpenRX, with no apparent difference.
FPS is never an issue, but the image quality/resolution is absolutely worsening with DLSS.
It seems there is something that I am overseeing?