VATSIM different to live?


sorry i am a newbie on vatsim.
How does VATSIM differentiate between people who are connected over vatsim and the other people who play the game live with the "normal in Game " ATC ?


When you fly in vatsim, you need to totally disable any ingame ATC.

Having both human and AI ATC (regardless of how good the AI is) instructing you what to do would not be likely to end well.

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But other people are on the same map? (people who are not connected with VATSIM).
Can’t that be a problem?
Doesn’t the “ATC inGame” say something else?


When you are not connected to vatsim, you can use ingame ATC as much or as little as you like. It doesn’t take any account of other human piloted aircraft however, as it currently only deals with you, as the user, and AI/live-traffic aircraft.

If you connect to vatsim however, that system is based around actual human ATC controllers who guide human pilots, that are connected to vatsim.

You also need to disable any AI/live traffic aircraft when you fly in vatsim, as the human controllers will not be able to see those and wouldn’t be able to control them if they could.

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When flying on VATSIM you should set your multiplayer to “Group Only” so you’re only seeing VATSIM traffic.


Thanks for the answers.
That’s what I wanted to know



Vatsim is different ‘Multiplayer’ session that has nothing with MSFS. There is no reason to think have both generic Ai and Vatsim users on flight, logically. You put problems to you because have 2 independed traffics what doesn’t know nothing about each other and you can do problems to Vatsim flow.

How to you disable default AI ATC? when I try Vatsim, I can still hear AI ATC guy shouting at me

Try Assistance menu and also you can turn off ATC in Sound cfg.

Sorry - I’ve been reading conflicting things. When connected to VATSIM do I need to set MSFS multiplayer to “Group Only” or just leave it off?