Vatsim / ivao settings in msfs2020

quick question, can someone advise the correct settings to allow me to see other AI when connected to either of these ATC platforms please,


IIRC, AI traffic had to be turned off in IVAO because it could cause lots of confusion since you’re the only one able to see it. Especially annoying when you’re an ATC. Not sure if the same might apply for live traffic.


turn all traffic off, multiplayer to group only. The only planes you’ll see will be others from vatsim/ivao


fantastic, many thanks

Well, don’t use VATSIM or IVAO until the live weather has been fixed. Seriously.

It’s a hell of a nightmare for controllers to separate planes with completely different weather injections—close-to-reality ones like P3D and XP, and the almost-never-accurate MSFS “live” weather.

Do you even know anything about Vatsim or IVAO ? lol

I don’t know about IVAO, but I do know that VATSIM purposefully kicks X-Plane players if they cannot maintain 20fps, since the entire simulation slows down, and thus causes problems with aircraft spacing.

If the weather (specifically the winds) are drastically different between FS2020 and the other sims, I can see that causing similar problems for controllers. On top of that, if a controller gives you an altimeter setting, and it’s drastically different than what you have in the sim, there may be some other problems that need to be contended with.

I doubt it’s too much of an issue right now considering FS2020 doesn’t have too many airliners that are fully functional in the IFR environment now, but eventually it is an issue that likely needs to be addressed.

How many inches does pressure need to be off before separation becomes a problem when there is a minimum 1000ft vertical separation for IFR traffic?

For VFR, controllers aren’t separating anyways.

This is different from traffic indicating 180kts and travelling at 120kts.

Differing altimeter settings isn’t so much an issue with separation. Its more a problem to do with your aircraft in relation to the terrain below.

For VFR, differing weather conditions won’t matter too much.

For higher speed IFR where controllers are trying to funnel traffic in at 180 knots onto a localizer, not having the same winds could become an issue.

While the live weather might not be up-to-date, wind direction and resulting runways in use seem to be correct. At least every time I checked.

2’500+ hours on VATSIM, but please, enlighten me why the broken live weather is not an issue or why I don’t have a clue about anything in this world (especially VATSIM and IVAO)?

How many users on this very forum report winds aloft being off by huge margins? If that’s not an issue while sharing the sky with pilots using other sims, than what is…?

You have some problem to see other aircrafts on Vatsim?

I don’t understand why need set on Multiplayer Groups only, Multiplayer has nothing with Vatsim network. I have all options like Multiplayer and AI traffic OFF. All then depends what you set on Vatsim vPilot Client. For more options better check vPilot main page.

Did anybody try SWIFT for Vatsim?

As a 4500+h IVAO member I can enlighten you.

Altimeter setting? Press B. Done.
Winds aloft resulting in different ground speed? Any controller who can separate a Citation Mustang and a 777 on the same airway is able to handle the situation. If not, he doesn’t belong on this position.
Runway wind? Deal with it. Make your approach calculations properly and fly the assigned runway. Approach speed vary from type and weight anyway.
With around 150+ online hours with the new sim never encountered a problem regarding weather.

Hell, even before people using Opus, FSGRW, ActiveSky in different versions as well as freeware and even standard weather engines flew together. It’s nothing new that all the individual depictions are not the same.

The bigger problem is navdata and accurate avionics which can use it.