Vatsim Traffic FPS

Does anyone else experience servere fps loss when going to a vatsim airport with more than 5 aircraft.

I have to set my aircraft limit in Vpilot to 15 and the render distance to 8nm to keep my fps from tanking.

When flying offline, my fps is stable and no stutters.

Anyone else experience this?

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Yeah to be fair, what have you done, this is now just going to get forgotten about, thanks a bunch

Same here, everything under control with FPS stable on 30-35 and then when landing in a controlled airport with traffic (could be 3-4 planes), frame rate dropped to unstable 15-20 with stuttering. I don’t think it is due to VATSIM, it is something to do with bandwidth: the more VATSIM requires, less “space” remains for MSFS to download scenery

Affirm, I can see what you mean

Would love to bring this issue to asobo’s attention as I love vatsim and the new the sim but I struggle to use them both sometimes.

Flying out of EGKK in the evening is like returning to FSX performance wise

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I tried to see if capping my data in MSFS would help. I have fibre so a lot of data to be used.

It didn’t help fps at all.

Sucks because I now actively avoid busy airports to save fps.

To keep this thread alive, this issue wasn’t fixed in WU4 which is sad

This seems like an issue with your model matching replacing a default aircraft with a flyable, hi-poly version. Essentially it renders a flyable version with a cockpit and lots of details 5,6,7 times…

To confirm this, the next time you’re experiencing this, type .aircraft and check the model it loads for the planes in the vicinity.


Yeah, id also say itsprobaly the models. I experienced a fps loss too yesterday at EDDM with quite some traffic. Ill have to look into that myself but im pretty sure its the models, 100%.
We need native optimised AI models asap.

We’re working on it… <3

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Thank you, it just puts me off flying at busy airports and I fly out of the UK mostly so that can be difficult :slight_smile:

Cant wait, thank you guys :slight_smile:

Is there any particular reason this would be happening?

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