Vatsim Twin Otter model matching


Did anyone know a way, how to model match the Twin Otter in MSFS when flying online via the Vatsim Network ?
Today I flew some rounds between SXM-SBH and there were some other Twotter pilots around and everyone of them was shown as an A330. Strange to see 3 A330 at SBH. I asked them if they have an solution but they have the same problem like I and everyone else has.

What would you match it with? Remember it cannot show the Twin Otter model unless you own it, so all it can do is pick from an aircraft you do own, so maybe the Baron 58 would be the closest. I don’t remember if that is in the standard edition or not.

Have a search on youtube, there are plenty of model matching tutorials on there and there are some tools to assist with creating .vmr files for custom model matching on

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Guessing this means they own it too.

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Yes. Unless, and until Asobo, and third party developers come to an agreement whereby a shell of a plane can be made available to all via the sim, for the purposes of model matching alone, then this will always be an issue.

This shell shouldn’t need to be anything more than an exterior model.

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