VATSIm/vPilot text not displaying in simulator

Previously when flying on VATSIM, any text-based comms would show both in the vPilot client and within the simulator. This is useful both when monitoring unicom, as well as if there are text-only pilots in the area.

I’m not sure if it started with SU5 for was occuring before, but I no longer see the messages in the simulator. I hear the static sound which alerts me to check the vPilot client, which shows the message, but nothing in simulator. I made sure in vPilot the option is checked to 'Show incoming text messages in simulator". On v2.8.1 of vPilot, which it says is the latest on startup.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?


Did you check your user notifications settings in MSFS?
You never know what settings get changed between updates.

Yes, I experience the same problem. I am not aware of any user notification settings in MSFS that I could tweak

I have the same issue since SU5 too. I can’t figure this out.

you have to activate software tips
Options → assistance options → notifications → software tips must be on “ON”


But that gives you more information than you want right!?

It did work. thanks.

no, only messages from vpilot…
turned off any assistance and help

Thank you for this! I know this has been a while since you posted, but do you experience the tips staying on your screen for minutes at a time?

Yes, I have to click on them to make them disappear.

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