VCRUNTIME140.dll code of exception 0xc0000005 CTD

Every event viewer shows this after a CTD !


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Which GPU do you have installed?

I gave it a link to an already existing topic about the VCRUNTIME140.dll error.
It is not so that this topic continues to exist and that we have a duplicate.

We will let a moderator lock it

The question I asked was directed to @SAKISAPPOLON

My answer was addressed to you.
Do you want to have a forum with 50 topics that deal with the same thing ???
There is already a topic about the [VCRUNTIME140.dll] error (VCRUNTIME140.dll Error - #226 by Gsx31)
We’re not going to start another one, hoping you figure it out.

For your information SAKISAPPOLON thanked me for pointing out this already existing subject.

Oh… I get it.


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