Vectors to final

Why can’t ATC link with the weather and decide if I’m landing ILS or vectors for a visual. A sim who’s name I will not mention can do it. Why can’t fs2020?

Don’t understand how weather and ILS/visual approaches are related.
If you are flying IFR you are expected to fly an instrument approach.
If you have the field in sight it’s usually up to the pilot to request a visual approach if it shortens the route.

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Ok never mind. Just do me a favor and fly xplane you will see what I’m saying. They will vector you on to final for a visual approach if it’s a clear day or vector you to intercept the LOC for the ILS or RNAV. Either way fs2020 does not give you vectors when they say to “expect vectors”

yes, Becasue they pass you off to the Tower far too early, before Approach Controller confirmed you are established on the ILS, and Tower Cannot Vector you with radar … Big NO NO !!

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No thanx. Deleted xp a loong time ago.

In US, we are often assigned visual approach under IFR in clear wx as it permits ATC to run tighter inbound sequencing.

I think the request is just to add that small bit of logic adding to the realism (by US “standards”).

IF wx= CAVOK; THEN assign visual, 50% of the time…

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Hm, can’t remember ever having flown a visual into JFK or ORD.

You won’t get it at a Class B but it’s fairly common at a Class C or D.

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Yes this doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen frequently, especially at ORD. There are even visual instrument approaches for JFK, EWR and LGA (and associated airline charts). I’ve heard them being assigned, listening in on Freq, but have never been assigned these approaches myself into NY.

Happens a few ways-

1 if Tower and Approach have agreed they’re doing visuals, Approach will go ahead and offer a visual runway assignment, giving the crew opportunity to refuse the procedure and request ILS, RNAV etc prior to arrival sequence.

2 Terminal Radar Approach Control may assign ILS and direct to a shorter fix. At the fix, they will ask “field in sight?” If so, Approach will clear visual runway xx and handoff to Tower.

3 handoff to Tower. Tower will ask “field in sight?” If so, Tower will clear visual.

While it’s true that most crews keep the ILS dialed in and follow it down, regardless of approach assignment, these shortcuts allow ATC to compact arrival sequencing by placing some see and avoid responsibility on the crew.

I think the OP request is just to build in some of these “work the system” shortcuts