VelocityOne Flight - Turtle Beach

I can confirm I also have consistent drop outs on yoke and throttles and I’ve never had this issue one time before the update to 1.3 and then 1.3.3 it’s quite frustrating.

TB support replied pretty much that the “workaround” for now is to unplug-plug-in the USB which I was already doing. They said should be fixed in next update but no info about when that would be or whether we can “downgrade” to previous version.

A downgrade was mentioned on the discord somewhere, i recall it needed a new download of an app that only runs on PC, I’m on x-box so didn’t bother reading further, i think it returned it to v 1.1?

It’s a little tricky to go back, its in their own discord channel. You need to link to a PC. 1.3.3 works for me in xbox in beta. 3.0 did not, i downgraded for a few days until .3 came out. Dont think you should upgrade on SU9. I cant imagine being back in SU9, what a horror show.

Do you guys have any luck with stop freezing of VOF comands in flight after SU10.
I still have this annoying freezes every 3-4 minutes in flight that last for about 5 seconds and then get back to normal.
Turtle Beach support in not very useful. They dont even wont to give me a previus versions of firmware.

Ok, they now give me 1.1.0 so I downgraded firmware and now it works. They also told me that 1.4. firmware is in the developement that will fix this issue.

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