Ver Crash to Desktop

I’ve never had a problem like this before with MSFS.

While flying, the program just quits cold. Nothing hardware related is different.

Nothing software related is different.

Maximus 13 Z-590
I-9 12th series CPU
Aorus 2080 Super
64 GB ram
Windows 10 64 bit

Through a process of elimination I disabled many programs.

The last programs I disabled that, so far gave me no crashes was the New Jetway replacement add on bought in Marketplace, I uninstalled that.

I disabled all virus scanners, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender etc.

Could that be it?

Also, my video card temp is higher than normal lately. It gets to 80 deg C then the fans kick in top speed and brings down to 78 deg C. It will creep back up to 80 again with fans spinning up again.

I will clean card but how do I just get fans to stay at a happy medto keep temps in mid 70s or lower?

I noticed the HWinfo program says there’s a hotspot temp getting above 100 deg c at times. Is this a new driver issue? Bad card? Cleaning issue? Normal? Etc. Should I go to liquid cooled GPU add on.? I do have CPU liquid cooled. I don’t OC my video card.

Thanks Jack

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Do the fans have a temperature setting?
If so, turn them to come on earlier.
Is there good airflow through the case, no grills dirty etc.?
Yes cleaning will help
Is the PC located in a spot that doesn’t restrict airflow, and is not too dusty an area?
I wouldn’t think the drivers play too much of a roll.

MSFS is a resource hungry sim, but more so on the CPU than the GPU.

Having said that, here is a link to a thread on the subject already posted here, which can offer a lot of suggestions:

lots of questions :slight_smile:

Intressting for us, in case of CTD, is the message(s) from windows event log.

there is a list of known trouble makers in FAQ ( e.g capture one, asus sound tools … )

yep, we have case where anti-virus tool cause lots of trouble. Adding MSFS into exclusion list for run-time-checking may help.

yep, sounds hot. Check comments from TheSevenflyer .

Also I allways recommend a fps limit in nvidia control center. Often it makes not much sense to let run the gpu allways in full load to get 5fps more. Set a good stable 30/40 fps ( match with your monitor sync ) and you can often avoid to much heat ( of course the airflow of your pc case should be fixed ).
You can also do a test-case with an opened pc-case - if temps are lower you can be sure there is a airflow issue.

Im cn blips about the nvidia driver update. I personally dont seem to have a problem with it but there is a lot a chatter about it… I run Ultra and both cpu/gpu tempts stay in the 60’s for me… 9900k 2080ti. But if I try the DX12 im dead in the water. running steam version.

its called DX12(Beta) :slight_smile: … but good point to mention… some users reported crashs with this settings, others “only” stutters.

Hi, friend. Well, I’ve had several problems with the last Update, from random CTD to more temperature in my video card too. I work in Hardware and I will tell you that it is not a high temperature of your plate, 80/85 degrees is common in a game like this. As long as the coolers work I wouldn’t worry.
What you see that reaches 100 degrees is the so-called “hot-spot” (its name says it all) which is the hottest point “inside” the GPU chip. It is quite common to have a hotspot with several degrees more than the rest since it refers to the hottest point that should come into contact with the heatsink that we see formed by the metal square on which we put our external heatsink and cooler. Now that we have more cores for everything, it is common for one to be with a greater work overload. As I searched, your video card has a maximum temperature of 89 degrees (that is on the DIE, that is, on the metal face of the processor) so with 80.85 degrees you are within tolerance. According to video card forums, I’ve seen that it usually has a 15-20 degree temperature difference between the hotspots and what we normally measure, so it would still be within the safe range. The drivers are also a separate issue, we never know if the new ones are going to work as well as the ones we had, that can be tested, but for now I would try to lower the video requirements since this program is a monster that devours everything. My board is an MSI RX 6700XT, which is about the same level as yours in terms of performance. This week I have noticed a higher temperature than normal, also some suttering that I did not have before and right now I am just checking everything I tell you. If your cabinet has proper ventilation (air circulates well and heat is emitted efficiently outside) I would tell you that almost certainly something has changed in the last update, because I had been using the sim smooth as silk with everything graphic in ultra without no problem. Try to lower some graphic quality items a bit, for example avoid v-sync, lower the scaling resolution to 100% and some other option that you consider not so necessary. As always, this program is a resource hog and a mystery of who will “black ball” out and have trouble with its setup. For now, the first thing I do is completely remove the community folder since we usually put many plugins there and it could also be the reason for the problem. On the plate, whenever maintenance is done, the thermal PADS must be changed for new ones and obviously the thermal paste. For me, the best so far (which I get here) and which is 3 to 5 degrees less (better dissipation) than the Artic Sylver 5 is the Gelid Extreme. Thermal Pads also come, make sure you put the correct thickness when changing them because there are several thicknesses and that is important, a lot… as much as thermal paste. I hope you solve it. Greetings from the South of Argentina!