Version Freezes on blue loading bar then crashes to desktop

Since the latest update Flight Simulator constantly freezes at the initial loading screen. The blue bar goes to about 80%, freezes then crashes to the desktop. I’ve reset Windows Store, increased pc’s virtual memory, made sure that all store, GPU and Windows updates were installed and also uninstalled GeForce Experience. None of this helped. Yesterday before the mandatory update I had no issues.

Anyone knows why? Any solution?

If you successfully installed Sim Update 5 released yesterday, you’re on Version Is this the case, or is it crashing while trying to update to SU5?

Apologies I mixed up the numbers. This morning I installed the latest update released yesterday and since then I’ve been having this issue.

I have just downloaded the July 27th update and I am now UNABLE to load a flight, Blue bar runs to end then the PC just sits on that screen for hours, nothing to do with mods simply an ASOBO issue, yet again!! Ridiculous.


I’m in the same boat. Was hoping for a patch this morning but nothing and after trying to load a flight from a low scenery area it just sits there. Had zero issues with the sim the day before the update.

Same problem here. Emptied Community folder. Updated to after very slow download. Restarted sim and updated all available updates in Content Manager. Restarted sim. Tried a test flight with C172 and loading bar froze at the end of the blue line. Unable to fully load a flight. Everything was working fine before update.

Hi, same issue here. Hope find a solution soon !

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I do not even finish loading the simulator, the blue bar reaches the end before loading the simulator completely, staying in the “training flights” and “flight assistant” screen without reaching the screen to be able to load a flight. I did not have this problem before.

I have the same issue, simulator just showing-up the black screen on startup and crashes shortly after the loading circle turns twice…system is up to date, I haven’t had any issues before…

Regret I have exactly the same problem, blue progress bar only goes 2 thirds of the way across the screen and then hangs. on checking on Task Manager it reports that MSFS has stopped responding.

after update, won’t fully load flight…progress bar hangs indefinitely.

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Har försökt vid ett antal tillfällen att ladda ner A320Neo samt A320Lepa.
Datorn stänger av spelet vid varje tillfälle.
Vad att göra?
Fungerade perfekt dagen innan nedladdningen.

Same problem with blue bar loading then hangs.

I had the same, than i removed anything mod related or planes i bought outside of the marketplace and it loaded again, have not found out what it caused as of yet.

Sadly, joining this club. Cannon play the game anymore…
Fix this issue, please.

Can confirm same issue for me and have tried everything but no joy. Hope they fix this mess of an update soon.

Today I have no start screen anymore but a trailer and the message & voice with the message Press any button to start. And that goes on and on. Pressing any button does not help…

Flight loading screen, blue bar loads forever.
Cleared community and tried again and it loaded.

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I have the same issue. Since the update, it takes the sim almost 10 minutes to load. After this, when I try to load a flight, the blue bar goes up al the way to 100 % and then hangs, nothing happens. Can’t do anything. The sim crashes. Hope for a patch for this ASAP! Really annoying.

Here is a fix for the never ending flight loading that worked for me:

  • Quit Sim
  • Clear your community folder (as suggested by @Zanzark)
  • Start Sim
  • Done

Hope this helps

Edit: It seems, that something in the community folder is causing the issue. The flights load fine with my addon airports but not when I re-install every mod I had originally installed. I will investigate but this may take a while and it’s getting late here.

Edit 2: Found it. It was a “tree distance draw fix”. Without that mod, my sim works as good as before.