[VERSION 1.2] Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX - with no pod | Parorng

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX, modified to remove the pod!

Version 1.2 for Sim Update 5

The mighty Caravan is in use around the world, and often the ones I see do not have the pod. This project started for me as a way to get my feet wet (hint hint) in 3d modelling and start creating some things for myself. Removing and rebuilding the floor of this aircraft took a lot of work! I have extended the nosewheel cowl to match the real aircraft, and remapped all textures to work with the changes.

This Asobo model has been completely reworked.
  • All animations have been redone (and adjusted in some cases)
  • Pod removed
  • Nosewheel cowl extended
  • Textures remapped
  • 3 different registration locations are available via the Variants script
  • Copilot is now visible and can be disabled via the Variants script
  • Incorporating @CarbonProp’s awesome performance changes with some variation for the lack of pod. Find them at the Bush League Legends discord

For assistance, news, questions, or to show me where you’re flying, message me on these forums, or contact me at flightsim.to, or grab a Discord invite at https://discord.gg/4qamxUEcNM

Download free at:


v1.1 has dropped with quite a few fixes, and support for SU4. Enjoy!


v1.2 released for Sim Update 5