Version question

hey y’all I purchased the top version to get everything… but having issues I see I have the lessor and top installed, not sure if that’s my fault or not. question is is this a issue and causing my system to behave strange? I cant get certain VNAVs I see other user get on the globe page, and the new Garmin for me is non useable period?.. any clues?

I’m not clear on your questions. What versions are you asking about? Everyone gets the Standard. If you bought Deluxe, it gets added to Standard. Premium ditto.

None of this have anything to do though with VNAV. That’s a function of which plane and Working Title Mod/Add-on you’re using.

the C172 G1000 and Diamond DA40 NX

Use the G1000 NXi from Marketplace. There is a master thread for questions about it.

so why don’t I see the VNAV approach’s that others see if I set up from same airports in the same airplane?

What aren’t you seeing? If you click on the down arrow next to Approach, what do you see?

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