Very abrupt weather (wind) transition. Erratic wind behavior

My first flight with SU10 had exactly this issue over NY. From one point to the other the wheather (wind and waves) chaged from very stong wind into complete no wind. I did never see this before. I’m on XB Series X.

But that is not gust feature they added. That is an issue with data that it changed instantly between different wind data. Same as when clouds suddenly changes/switches.

Gust feature is only applied near ground. Below around 3000FT and close to METAR airports. If the winds changes near airport with METAR it may be an error with the METAR reading to make the sim understand what winds to inject.

Well, just got batted around really badly at cruise altitude, lost close to 1000 ft instantly. Extreme wind and pressure change. Thought the new update smoothed transitions. Maybe I misinterpreted what they said.

Am I the only one experiencing erratic winds? I have not seen another topic regarding this after the update, but the winds seem too powerful. It caused my plane to wobble like crazy and made it difficult to control that when I tried to put in rudder to straighten out the nose my wing lifted like crazy almost causing a wing strike on the runway and causing me to go off the centerline severely. It just seems too uncontrollable and no right? My airspeed indicator is all over the place as well as the TAS and GS. Anybody else experiencing this?


I have been messing with settings for the C172 but haven’t found the sweet spot if thier one.

"Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000

Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds

Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control if and at what speeds the crosswind effect is cancelled out on ground. Removed all crosswind cancellation on the aircraft"

Checked out your clip. Watching your experience and your inputs is exactly what I experience. But I only fly small GA aircraft in sim so it’s way more intense. I gave it another try after work. My local was 014 - 5 kts. No gust indicated in the METAR and the game seemed to match the METAR.

Doing patterns watching the G1000 spaz out, it seemed like it was doing a 5 kt gusts. Not a pilot IRL, but watching the gust change the indicated wind direction and speed seems believable. I like the mechanic!

The problem IMO is the sim is peppering the gusts, rapid fire, many times per second, at the aircraft. It’s almost like the gust mechanic is running twice as fast as the sim. Which, at least for me, creates that washing-machine tumbling affect where I have no idea what my approach speed is (just like your video) and I’m waggling the woke/peddles like crazy trying to point the plane in one direction. If the gusts are higher, it gets exponentially worse because of the rapid fire changes.

I’d love to read more IRL pilot feedback in this discussion so I can gauge if my feelings are accurate. Or is flying really like that?

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I fly in real life but only Cessna 172 atm. It is normal to see wind changes but not at the rate as the sim is at right now. The aircraft should not be too wobbly especially heavies when coming into land with gusts. Yes, the gust will pick up a wing here and there but not as abrupt as in the sim. It needs to be toned down as it makes it practically really hard and sometimes unflyable at times, not to mention it does not really happen like that in real life. I have flown in winds with gusts up to 30kts in the real world but have managed to keep my 172 on track with the runway and was able to control it perfectly well all the way down with rudder use to pull out the sideslip or crab once coming in to land.


Well, I nearly landed on the grass on a CAT3 autoland and both CMDs engaged on the PMDG 737. Before landing the plane was severely weaving back and forth. Had a very small crosswind component. Had to disconnect autopilot and land 1/2 way down the rwy. Something is really broken here. I’ve done this approach many, many times with this plane in all weather conditions and never had an issue before. Sad.

Well, it’s unrealistic if we can land without issues in all type of weather conditions. I think they need to add a toggle for gusts to be able to land in all type of weather conditions, even hurricanes.

Check this for gust factors on Meteoblue.

They add gusts everywhere, even if there is no gusts reported on METAR. That we never had in a sim before and makes the air feel like a fluid everywhere. Pre su10 we had constant winds all the time over runway even in hurricanes. Thats why it feels harder to land now when we have gusts after su10. The frequency can maybe be reduced, but only reduce it if it’s making it more realistic. Xplane 12 also have gusts where METAR not reporting gusts. That sim also uses forecasted data and makes it feel much more like a fluid.

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This was beyond hard to land. I don’t recall the crosswind component but it was 22 kts, gusts to 28 according to allmetstat. Even if that were perpendicular to the plane, the 737-700 autoland should handle that easily, I would think. On final, I had close to 30 degree banking back and forth and the plane was blown at least 100 left of the centerline before touchdown. I’m all for gusts, but they’d have to be pretty severe to affect a heavy aircraft like this in that manner. Seems WAY overdone. On my return trip now. I’ll report on how my landing is.

edit: Can’t say I agree with a toggle that allows landing in unflyable conditions. If that were the case, flights would be cancelled. It just needs to be toned down. There were no conditions that prevented any aircraft from landing IRL at the time in Toronto, according to liveATC.

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It’s the pilot that needs to cancel the landing if it’s too difficult to land. It’s the pilot that has the responibility to land safe. Well, i’m not argue about the frequency. It may need some tuning. I also reported too high frequency in the beta but i have no facts what is a perfect frequency. The frequency varies much depending on location and makes it hard to make it perfect for every user. The force of the wind may also be too strong in the sim but i’m not sure how to messure if 1kt in the sim has the same force as 1kt IRL.

I’m sure even if it would be perfect and as realistic as possible we would see complains it’s overdone.

Fly in the hurricane with a cessna 152 and see if it’s overdone. I bet there the forces of the air is way too less.

I don’t know, maybe they modeled wake turbulence from invisible AI aircraft and didn’t tell us. LOL. From about 10 miles out, my approach was steady. On about 3 mile final, it all went to ■■■■. Wings rocking back and forth, plane blown way off course. Given the current metar report at the time, the sim - in no way - represented reality. LiveATC pilots were reporting good conditions at the time.


Some simmers seem to think that difficulty Is a good proxy to use for the amount of realism in the sim, i.e., the more difficult the sim is, the more realistic it is. I don’t think that’s true.
I can see that it would be very easy to implement a wind/gust model more severe than reality and I presume that this has happened here. It’s all about how the max gust value is arrives at and it’s frequency of occurrence - and in my view it would be very easy to produce a rudimentary model where the frequency of the top recorded gust is too great and the distribution of variations within the mean recorded wind is also incorrrectly modelled - especially as METARS only produce measured data at a point 10m above the surface - so although ground friction is minimised there are still terrain effects that could modify the frequency/distribution…
It isn’t for the doubters of the model is MSFS to prove that it’s wrong, the onus is always on the model proponents to demonstrate its accuracy - quite difficult to do I think. I’m sure that the sim would benefit from a more subtle modelling of wind variations but currently my own considered opinion is that the model needs some tuning to make it more representative of the real world, given the obvious limitations of available data sources.


Of course you are correct that always having stable wind states is not realistic either.

But we have gone from one extreme to the other, and its not good. And it is pretty clearly not the intended situation. This is why I’m confused about the defense of it.

Should you have to do the pedal dance sometimes? YES absolutely. Should every flight be a pedal dance? No.

You have this very correct. I see this in auto racing sim too, everyone thinks realistic means hard.

While there are certainly way more experienced pilots on this forum than me, I can tell you that outside of my first few training hours as a student, nothing about it is particularly hard.

Days where it is so difficult that you are genuinely nervous about the outcome are exceptionally rare. Of course a large part of this is down to flight planning and pilots not being idiots and launching into conditions they can’t handle. (which is often the opposite of how we sim).

Flying is not especially difficult or physical, it is really not all that different from driving your car, just with more factors to keep in mind. If it was always difficult, then crashes would be far more common and all forms of piloting would be akin to being a stuntman, with only the most brave signing up to learn. It simply isn’t like that.

A gusty day can provide lots of challenges. But most days, you’re not bouncing all over the place. But bouncing all over the place is the normal situation since SU10 in MSFS.


That part i want in a sim as well. I can even plan easier in this sim to have a smooth flight in su10 because i can choose where to fly.

For example this random location i picked on Meteoblue map reports calm winds.

I don’t like to seek out particular conditions (unless I’m seeking out bad conditions to do foolish things we can’t do in the real world).

Winds as light as you’re showing on that screenshot are all but unheard of here in the S.W. United States. It is uncommon to see daytime winds below 10kts where I am. At night it can be very still and stable. But very unlikely to stay that way during the day.

But Meteoblue reports all kind of winds depending on location/coordinate. Here is a storm out on sea. This type of weather i would plan to avoid in the sim.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

I know that Meteoblue has world wide weather available. I use it for my flight planning in MSFS because I know that is where MSFS is getting a lot of its data.

The discussion here was about how MSFS is interpreting wind data.