Very abrupt weather (wind) transition. Erratic wind behavior

Exactly it is off, like yes, it is normal for an airplane to rock back and forth in severe winds and gusts, but not to the extent that we are experiencing in the sim currently. The current situation right now is that it is way too overpowering and make it difficult to control the aircraft at times.

@Perrry trust me I have experienced landing in gusting conditions with crosswinds in a real-world Cessna 172. Even with a 25kt gust and a direct crosswind coming into Torrance Airport, I was able to keep my aircraft maintaining its track by using a slideslip and was able to bring it down to the runway on centerline many times. What the sim is doing currently is way to overexaggerated. You can tell it is because if you take a look at the airspeed indicator, GS, and TAS, it is bouncing all over the place back and forth very quickly. An aircraft IAS can bounce back and forth but not at the rate which is happening in the sim. For me it’s just a bit too much compared to the real counterpart. I do agree with you that wind is never stationary and always constantly changing in movement obviously, but not in the way the sim is depicting it.


I agree with frequency. It’s too high :wink: We should be able to ride the waves like water. Now it’s too frequent and we have no time to adjust before the next gust comes. I have reported that issue in the beta. I hope they will improve it in future updates. But the frequency can be really high IRL too but not always as @PablodNinja said earlier. But the winds should always fluctuate. The air is never in a constant motion thats why they messure average wind over a period of time.

And the key to this is understanding how wind speed and direction are measured for reports and forecasts. Because the distribution of frequency, amplitude and directional variance will make a huge impact on the model outputs.
The mean wind speed reported will be a number of samples - ie an individual velocity at each sample time. The gust will be the highest measurement over a period of time that contains a number of individual samples. So the mean wind speed is made up of many small gusts - the reported gust value is an outlier which will be in the tail of the frequency distribution. We also have to consider the directional variance of gusts too combining the direction and speed simply gives us the wind velocity which is a vector.
So using Meteo Blue and METAR information to drive a model will never give you the resolution you would really like to get a sufficiently accurate model of wind fluctuation - you have to make some assumptions (based on evidence I hope) of the statistical distribution of wind velocities. It would be very easy with a simplistic model to overstate the effect of gusts, which I think is probably what’s going on just now - the good news is that I’m sure the model could be tuned - I would be very conservative myself and concentrate on modelling the variances within the mean wind velocities before adding the peak variations in the tails of the distribution.
I never trusted the forecast or reported data when racing sailing dinghies - for good reason, measurements for METARS are normally taken at 10m above the surface - I was sailing on the surface…. I used my own anemometer and as wind gusts come down from a higher altitude and have less friction, I always needed to track the associated wind shift - which might be affected by terrain too. I was looking for the favoured tacks and downwind lines to take - get it right and you win races. For us in MSFS having an aggressive model will spoil the sim for many so let’s hope the model gets tuned.
Does Asobo/MS have a specialist atmospheric physicist or meteorologist in the team, does anyone know? I think that kind of knowledge and expertise willl be crucial to the development of the sim in terms of realism…

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And combine them to create weather only makes it worse.

METAR disturbs forecasted data. Forecasted winds is not messured. It is calculated and uses a gradient that makes the wind increases the higher we fly. METAR sets same winds everywhere because it only has data from 10m above ground.

Besides, i check simvar values in the sim. That works like an anemometer. It shows the ambient wind velocity that is happening in the sim in real time. And that also shows that METAR suddenly kicks in near airports with METAR. That also shows that gust frequency is less when we are standing still at parking. When we increase ground speed the frequency increases.

Well, they have Meteoblue as partner. Some in that company should be meteorologists right?

I bet, even if they get the wind almost 100% realistic there will be complains. I think the only way to make it perfect for everyone that wants to use live-weather is to add options in live-weather.

Excellent comments…

Since SU 10 i see sometimes massive and aprupt changes in windspeed and airpressure up to overspeed situations. Not funny.

You guys can go to all the trouble and effort to report this major wind gust bug in SU10 or simply decide enough is enough and refuse to purchase any more add-ons or use the sim at all until the culture of failure at Asobo changes (if it ever changes). Asobo did not test the modifications to wind behavior anywhere near enough because they simply couldn’t be bothered with the effort. Rather, Asobo geared up to market the wind modifications as a selling point, a wonderful new feature.

Developers that can’t sell products to customers who refuse to live with glaring compromises in MSFS2020 will collectively put the right amount of pressure on Asobo to perform. Everything is about money in the end, and the customer has a choice between feeling powerless or ultimately in control of the entire process by what and when they purchase.

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For all people complaining the gusts are “too much.”
While I agree some fine-tuning is needed, I certainly DON’T want the gusts to go away again.


I’m not sure if I like this new Weather, Turbulence, Gusts, Whatever System. But.
I fly mostly GA and VFR. With Crosswinds about 3 knots in 3000, 6000 Feet or whatever Altitude, I now have a Plane wiggling its Tail permanently in a high Frequency like a happy Puppy. The whole Flight over. Really Asobo?


Yes it is ridiculous now. The vfr aircraft as the above post mentions is like a dog’s tail now due to the excessive gusts

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I agree, but i think Asobo will add a toggle for gusts or something. They should really have a toggle to get completely calm/stable winds everywhere. Then those that don’t like the turbulence could toggle those things off. Who cares if some fly without turbulence? And those that fly without turbulence would not care about us that want it. If we care it’s just to switch multiplayer off too. Actually i have already done that. Not realistic to see aircraft load in at runway in front of me when i’m about to take off.

I agree, gusts can always be tuned to be more realistic as the rest of the features in the sim. But to me the air feels alive now. Is it perfect, i don’t think so. But can really weather in a sim be 100% perfect? I don’t think so. It can always be improved.

I am experiencing something similar with ridiculous wind changes. This is the thread I created so hopefully it can be merged Crazy erratic winds in live weather

I hear you.
I can’t agree with you though - over amplified winds and turbulence do indeed make the air feel alive. But if the effects are over done it just makes it too difficult to fly, making the sim more difficult does not equate with making it more realistic - it turns it into some kind of video game in fact. So it is very important to find the right balance and get an experience that feels realistic without being an endurance trial…

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But i’m flying now and have stable winds. I had winds fluctuate between 5-6KTS before takeoff.


When landing i will have less winds. Winds between 3-4KTS

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Good to see this data - thanks…

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No problem.

As i expected, no gusts. The winds were actually constant at 3KTS.

If we want to have an easier landing i bet we need to plan to fly were it is forecasted less gusts.

Here is a map of gusts. Blue calm, red high gusts.

Or check this wind animation. Blue less wind red more winds

If you want to check winds at the location you are flying with that forecast data i showed in my post scroll down in this link

If you only see the text, press extended view to extend the view

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I’m totally with this opinion.
Obviously every new system needs fine tunning, but flying with gusts is OK

EDIT: Comes to my mind… FS2004 and FSX had some checkbox to enable/dissable gusts at high Flight Levels, no?.. maybe that can be a solution (?)


Turbulence and Gusts are okay. But this high Frequent changes in Wind Speed at higher Altitude, about 1 to 6 Knots in Milliseconds - 5 to 10 Times a Second, permanently - I think this is to much and not realistic.


I agree with that. The thing is that i not always get that. I wonder what is triggering that thing to happen? Could it be that they try simulate clear air turbulence? But that shoukd be more up and downdrafts right?

With Head- or Tailwind you don’t have this behavior. But a few Degrees Crosswind and the Dance begins. Like someone is doing a light Step Dance on the Rudder Pedals. And it’s not the Wind Speed alone. The Direction is also changing about a few Degrees in the same high Oscillation. They change simultaneous.
I use SkyElite Moving Map on a second Screen. You can display Wind Speed and Direction, coming from the Sim, on that Map. Before SU10 it was more Steady. Now it’s a nervous flickering Arrow on the Map with rapidly changing Numbers for the Wind Speed and Direction.
I think Asobo want to do it the right way but they overshot the Target.