Very annoying FPS instability

It has been 5 days since I used FS2020. Still a big disappointment today. Since the update my FPS have fallen again. From 25 I go to 19. In addition all my settings have lost to be found at the minimum … I reinstalled the drivers of my GTX1070 by force, but I do not have the courage today to check if this has had an effect.

Strange im using MSI 1070 and i play without issues, i dont have any stutters or lag most of times, only times i have when i spawn in airport and everything is loading in, and even then i wait for like 20 sec and everything is good.

I cannot help you because of the very limited information you want to provide. Fortunately I have to note again that the work by the devs is still amazing IMO, could well be because they are French.

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After a week without touching the simulation, today my FPS has dropped to 15 … I lost 15 FPS without doing anything from the start. My material is correct, either: IC i7-6700K CPU 4,00 GHz, 32 GB RAM NVIDIA GE GTX 1070. I conclude that the developers still have a big problem, or that they are doing what is necessary to boost sales of new, more efficient graphics cards.