Very bad performance after SU11

Hi guys, I’ve read many positive opinions about the performace improvements brought by SU11 but in my case SU11 totally ruined the balance I’ve had achieved.
I’ll show you my settings and I kindly ask you to help me gain again a certain fluidity and stability (I am not looking for high fps, just fluidity).

My rig is:
CPU i7-11700K - Ram 32 GB 3200 mhz - GPU RTX 3060 Ti - MSFS is on M2 SSD - Monitor AOC 24G2U/BK 1080p 144hz

Nvidia control panel settings:

  • Power Management: Optimal Power.
  • Threaded Optimisation: OFF.

Game mode: OFF

MSFS settings:
Anti-Aliasing: TAA (too blurry displays with DLSS)
Render Scaling: 100
AMD FidelityFX Sharpening: 50
V-Sync: OFF
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: OFF
DirectX Version: DX11 (no improvement with DX12)
Terrain Level of Detail: 180
Off Screen Terrain Pre-Caching: ULTRA
Terrain Vector Data: ULTRA
Buildings: ULTRA
Trees: ULTRA
Grass and Bushes: ULTRA
Object Level of Detail: 200
Volumetric Clouds: HIGH
Texture Resolution: HIGH
Anisotropic Filtering: 16X
Texture Supersampling: 6X6
Texture Synthesis: HIGH
Water Waves: HIGH
Shadow Maps: 1024
Terrain Shadows: 512
Contact Shadows: HIGH
Windshield Effects: HIGH
Ambient Occlusion: LOW
Cubemap Reflections: 192
Raymarched Reflections: HIGH
Light Shafts: ULTRA
Bloom: ON
Depth of Field: OFF
Motion Blur: OFF
Lens Correction: OFF
Lens Flare: OFF
Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate: MEDIUM

Thanks in advance


Me too
Never had such a drop in overall performance as I do with SU-11

Problems staying connected with the server. drops every few minutes, reconnects and drops again.
problems with Radio, usually drops within minutes
problems with third party applications. FSLTL. A32NX, Toolbar Pushback. etc

so bad at times, it is not enjoyable anymore.

I don’t understand. with a beta program that supposed to flush out issues why are we having it.

Now I read that all developer were advised that all additions are on hold because of issues with SU-11. How can that be a surprise when existing versions are not working properly.

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I can report similar. SU11 has killed any benefits in performance that I had running with DX12 & DLSS.
Admittedly I’m flying the A310 mostly which in the non beta state is a bit resource heavy, but I need to run DX11 to get enough performance out of SU11 whereas SU10 + DX12 + DLSS was running near perfect for me. I was runnign with a TLOD of 200, but have switched temporarily down to TLOD of 100 just to try to keep out of CPU limiting behaviour. Performance hit is definitely a SU11 regression, although I can’t rule out the latest Nvidia drivers.

Hi guys,

Check this page here on forum: This is how I have "fixed" the brutal fps loss from SU11 - #59 by ChaiManNova this would help you out just look and read other people’s experience! I have now fixed my performance!

Hope something helps you out boys! Good luck :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, BUT
I’m on DX11 already. I may try switching back to TAA on DX11 as DLSS was working better under DX12 but maybe isn’t so much with DX11.
I have most of my traffic sliders back at low levels already.
I do inject FSLTL traffic though so may have to dial it back a bit.
I run at 4K.
I also lock my FPS at 30/60Hz to keep resources lower.
I also already use Add On Linker to keep community add ons at bay but I do have quite a few marketplace ones now that you can’t disable without removing them.
I have a 3090 driven by a 5950, so that combo should be enough for this sim.
Things have definitely regressed with SU11 performance wise which is very disappointing. It’s not just the A310 either. I jumped in the Bell and it was a bit stuttery flying over Manhatton. SU10 was runnign beautifully. We should have to go through this after every SU.

Edit: Do you have the NVidia Low Latency setting in the sim graphics options enabled or not? I have mine enabled, but not sure it helps with anything. :man_shrugging:

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Hey bud !

Well I have my sim running great for the moment, no complaints, yes I use low latency on ultra via Nvidia controle painel

My sim is usually ok if I load it up and walk away from the computer for at least 10 minutes. If I don’t it’s a complete stutter fest. I can’t do anything for the first 10 minutes. After that it runs ok. Except for the constant disconnect, connected, disconnected, connnected with the severs.

But not on the in game graphics options? (there is a new NVidia low latency setting there in in game graphics options in SU11). It is different or perhaps same? I don’t know to the NVCP low latency setting. It’s definitely new in SU11.

Noticed much more stuttering and several loss of FPS, during flights. In addition, general slowdown in the world map with high CPU and GPU usage returning in all areas. A lot of this was fixed in previous sim updates, so why are they now returning? Seems extremely bizarre, if somewhat questionable. I run an RTX card with a good CPU, so system is fine.

Personally, I’m finding that SU11 is running quite smoothly. I am having issues from time to time with msfs crashing whilst loading flights. I suspect an addon might be involved, but with the issue being irregular, it’s difficult to troubleshoot.

ps. I eventually narrowed it down to either the addon pushback toolbar or modified taxi ribbon addons. I deleted both as i dont really need them, but this may save someone a bit of time searching for culprits.

There is already a large thread discussing this. Personally I find SU11 has been the best performance I have experienced in the game for many months.


Have you tried disabling multiplayer and live traffic? Disabling it has been a game changer for me, haven’t had a single stutter.

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Same observations for me. Heavy stutters appeared at complex airports (Heathrow, etc…) after SU11 upgrade, with CPU limitation. Issue was significantly improved by disabling trafic and multiplayer (in trafic options and in data options), and lowering terrain and objects LOD from 200 to 150.
Suspecting internet bandwidth may have an impact (I have 20Mb/s DSL)


Do you load into an airport and leave running or just boot the sim? I’m seeing similar early stuttering when loading into an airport, particular more complex and payware. Frames are pretty good but seeing some hefty CPU spikes and low gpu usage early on too

Something I’ve found that works is to load game then after a few seconds hit ESC and then select [Restart].
Instantly increases fps by a few and makes panning smooth.

Also Definitely Try setting the msfs exe to High Priority under task manager. This has helped me remove the microstutters and performance loss coming from su10.

***note I’m on the new beta too, however i did the Priority setting while still on su11 (non beta) and noticed the increased performance then.
Now on this beta i can say I’m getting better overall performance than su10.

If you try and like the performance under High Priority and don’t want to have to manually set this each time…download the app,Prio Process Priority Control (free) install, reboot, start sim, set priority and that’s all. Now each time after when you run msfs, prio will automatically set the priority to high

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Lovely…I’ll give it a go thanks

My latest update on SU11 performance from tonight is here. Fixed it for me finally. -

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Hi bud, so I would imagine that you would have to have both on so they match if you got it on on NV painel then you would set it on within game, I have them both on !

Going to try turning off all Traffic for a bit and see what happens - so far I have found nothing to smooth out the flight back to where I was with SU10.

Just wanted to say thanks for the tips…performance is now very smooth and enjoyable again :+1:t2: