Very basic question about rudder pedals

Or maybe the title should be “very stupid question…” but here it is anyway

I purchased some used rudder pedals that seem to work well but…I am confused on how to set them up.
My first instinct is to use them as if they turned the plane to the left by pushing the right pedal in, but for that I need to “invert” them in settings. Then I thought that maybe the way they work in airplanes is: right pedal to turn right, left pedal to turn left.
Can someone kindly let me know which is the correct way to use them?
Thanks in advance.

Push left pedal go left.

Push right pedal go right.

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Also, when in the air, push left to yaw left, and vice-versa

Be sure to add a little dead zone in the setup, and optionally tweak the the curves a bit. Otherwise taxing can be twitchy. And toe brakes work the same, tap the left pedal the left wheel brakes.

I like to think of it as a wire from your foot connected directly to the rudder. And maybe it was actually like this in the early days.
Consider: by pushing your left foot forward, a wire is pulling the left side of the rudder forward as well.

Thank you for your answers!

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it in no time!

I got my rudder pedals today and I can relate to your problems as well. There is definately a learning curve. I really have to re-wire my brain. Right now I have no muscle memory whatsoever for the pedals. That makes for some really, lets say, interesting taxiing. But I love my pedals.

Yeah, my taxiing was pretty comical the first few days after getting my rudder pedals. You get used to it quickly though.

You’ll find them really handy landing in a cross wind scenario to keep you straight in…

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