Very basic questions about VR before I press the pay button on a Reverb G2

Am I right in assuming that a joystick is used as normal with VR? Do I need to use the supplied controllers at all when using the VR headset with FS 2020? I normally use a split-screen when playing FS so that I can switch between the game and windows. Is that still possible with VR or do I need to go to fullscreen mode?

The VR controllers are currently not supported so having some kind of joystick and/or throttle is VERY much recommended.

Since the VR headset is on your… well… head you can’t use your computer screens. So it’s kinda hard to switch between applications, since you’ll be in the plane.

You did not say, why you want to switch between game and windows.
Depending on the need, there are options to either use a virtual desktop within VR, or use other dedicated VR solutions blending in with the simulator.
If controllers would be supported, they can come handy to access certain switches (e.g. if remote, or blocked by something in your real world), or to teleport around, in case your aircraft does not actually fit into the confined space of your real gaming place - e.g. for the pre-flight walk around (or to access the terminal building, starbucks etc. once this simulator has become a full world simulation). (think “Matrix” linke immersion).

I normally have the game running most of the time and switch between it and the computer as and when I choose. For instance when I finish a flight I can just leave the game running with the plane on the runway and go to the computer to do other things and then come back to the plane any time I want to resume the game without having to reload it.

in that case, you probably would have to switch in and out of VR and correspondingly strap your head in and out … which can become a bit tedious, if you switch too often.

Looks like a case of CTRL-TAB. This is the key combination to switch in and out of the VR mode.
You still have to remove or lift your headset though :wink:

Thanks for the replies. I have decided to bite the bullet while our English pound is strong and give VR a try. What I cannot understand is why people are trying to flog these secondhand on Ebay for £800 and more when HP sell them direct for £650. Added to which HP do a fifteeen day no quibble return and manufacturers warranty.

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I use my right one to take screen shots.

They’re trying to flog them because not long ago there was a shortage in the market place. They have been caught out to which I say ‘Good’.

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Bit ambiguous on that myself. I was not prepared to pay the eBay prices and preferred to wait but in the current climate you cannot blame somebody for trying to make a bob or two. Also if you were really desperate to buy one of these then a little bit of research would show that a German firm has been exporting them to UK customers for a few months now. The imported ones are also brand new with the fourteen day return and manufacturer’s warranty. I was tempted but prefer to shop in the UK only at the moment until Brexit is fully resolved. Just out of interest I actually £40 less direct from HP UK than what they were priced at last year when I first checked them out. So the price could drop even more in the next few months.

I have always thought it would be nice if we could quickly switch to a camera (or two for 3D) on the front of a headset when you need to reach for important things, like a keyboard pause key, or even more essential, my drink, without having to lift the headset. After all the G2 does have 4 all told.

I can get very disoriented when wearing VR headsets, or r/c plane FPV goggles, often with painful or expensive outcomes. Today I thought I was facing my desk but ended up groping hopelessly for the joystick when in fact I was 90 degrees right.

Other than that shared embarrassment, VR is fabulous, even with all the hassles and I am enjoying my G2 very much.

Wherever the heck I am facing right now…

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VR is absolutely worth it and the G2 is pretty much the sweet spot right now for VR headsets (providing you have the GPU grunt to push the pixels)

I’m not 100% convinced with the VR implementation in MSFS2020, it seems fairly clunky and the performance issues even in flat 2d translate into VR also, stutters and low FPS can result in pronounced motion sickness.

Before the SimUpdate 3 is worked “ok” - since then not so much.

However, VR in general is now mature enough to recommend.
IL-2 works great. Buttery smooth flight, visually great, real benefit to situational awareness in dogfights and aerobatics etc.
Warthunder also looks and flies really nicely in VR

Best flown with a hotas and/or simple aircraft. You aren’t going to be able to interact with your keyboard once the headset is on.

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There are a couple of headsets with “pass through” enabled, The Oculus Quest does this, just double tap the headset and the cameras display the room and I believe the Lenovo and Oddyssey - both WMR, also do. I am sure HP could add it if they had the motivation.

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I have the Valve Index and it has passthrough camera also but…

In flight simulation having to take your hands off your controls mid flight to activate that camera is sub optimal as is suddenly not seeing the VR world. Not just for reasons of immersion, but for practical purposes of not crashing.

What might make pass through camera views more usable in VR would be a way to bind the trigger to an input device or voice activation. Sadly this is not possible with SteamVR - although if there is a different or better API I can use with the Valve index where this might be possible I am open to suggestions.

The Verb arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I have had to return it before I even plugged it in. I wear varifocal glasses which is not all that unusual but the headset would not fit over them. I did a little bit of research and apparently the maximum width glasses that the Verb can be used with is 14.5cm. I had an old pair of reading glasses that I sometimes use which are 14.3cm wide and tried those instead. Getting the headset on over them was very fiddly but just about doable. Trouble was the headset then pressed the glasses down onto the bridge of my nose which was very uncomfortable even after a few seconds wear. When I went to remove the headset the glasses came off with it having stuck to the eyepiece liner. I did try various ways of putting the headset on over the glasses but none were satisfactory. Fortunately returning the Verb to HP for a refund is pretty much hassle free. Just one quick phone call and no hanging on a line with horrible music for an hour.

May be too late now if you have physically returned the G2s, but I had a very similar problem with my glasses. Ended up getting lenses from:

They arrived a couple of weeks ago, and are terriffic - I can now wear the headset very comfortably.
Regards, Alasdair (aka Flybasher…)

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Interesting, is it easy to insert them / take them out?

I am considering buying a pair of non prescription reading glasses that will fit. I am also considering trying the Oculus Quest 2 as that has a special fitting for spectacle wearers.

Not a problem at all to insert them or take them out.
I am really pleased with them - if I did not have them, I would not be able to wear the G2 headset for very long at all, as without them, and with my glasses on, the pressure on the top of my nose gets to be uncomfortable after a time.
I would certainly buy them again if I had to.
Regards, Alasdair (aka Flybasher)

Just remember that with VR headsets you need to use glasses for distance vision, not reading.