Very basic start with home cockpit utilising an old broken joystick

hello everyone im back to pick your brains once again. I mentioned a while ago about utilising an old broken usb joystick as a start to see if it could be rejigged to control knobs on the control panel .everyone said don’t go that route …but well today I thought id give it a bash and wired up a prototype and assigned the old joystick button numbers to heading keys, increase and decrease using an old potentiometer that I split the inside into two separate circuits. the problem I’ve now found is that while turning to the left decreases and to the right increases …it only does so in increments of 10 's …is there any way using my basic setup to reduce the increments.
the panel I eventually will make will only be to control speed / heading and altitude …nothing too elaborate is planned .
But unless I can get it to jump not by 10’s its going to be too rough to be used properly.
cheers for you help advice and above all your inspiration.

You may have already found out but that is an ancient bug in FS that Asobo hasn’t fixed, but I heard that they finally did and it’s in the next update. Whether that means the sim update whenever the heck that comes out or this upcoming world update I don’t know. Knowing Asobo it probably won’t fix it anyway, just break it worse along with other things.

What causes it is having any toggle switches on, whether it be things like light switches/pitot heat or magneto switches like on the Honeycomb Alpha. You can get around it by mapping everything using FSUIPC as long as the joystick has no more than 32 buttons, so it doesn’t work for Honeycomb stuff for the most part.

I hope it’s fixed finally. But then again, they’ve “fixed” things previously that were just as broken after fixing as before. I’d love to use the switched on my Alpha. I’m hopeful, but keeping my expectations low.

Yeah their fixes tend to break more than they fix, or breaking the “fixed” things worse. I know people have had luck using lua scripts with FSUIPC to use the switches on the Alpha without getting the 10 deg bug. I’ve also seen something around here about using Axis and Ohs and even Joystick Gremlin.

Yeah, there are workarounds, but I have enough “auxilliary” apps to make this sim do what I want it to already. lol

Yeah I feel ya, I’m just dealing with it for the time being as well. I’m really impatiently waiting for the logbook popup to finally be removed, that thing is the bane of my existence!

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