Very Blurry textures

I’m having a problem with very blurry textures. When I look directly beneath me at about 2000ft it looks great but it very quickly goes blurry and, to be honest, really ruins the game (simulator!)

It doesn’t matter how high my settings are the draw distance is terrible.

I have a i7 2600k with 16gb ram and a gtx 1060 6gb. My internet connection is about 50mb/s.

Any help would be massively appreciated!


Having the same issues right now. Wasn’t that bad at the beginning imho. Just curious: Have you done any fps tweaking to your sim?

Make sure you set your level of details slider to 200 at least. You can do this here extra if needed, PSA: LOD Slider Can Be Increased Past 200 - Dramatically Improves Photogrammatery

His 1060 will not handle 200 LOD.

1060 has nothing to fully do with it RAM plays a major roll in that setting. If you have less than 32gb 200 is a no show

I’m on high/ultra with lod200 and I’m experiencing the same issue. Getting about 50-60FPS with CPU/GPU not on load limit at all. The detail is only good just below the plane, Max 2NM around it will get very blurry (seeable in higher alts 3000+ ft.

NVM, it has to be a setting glitch, if you are on a custom profile, choose the Ultra preset, apply and fly/slew a short time and see if it builds, then dial down to your recent settings from there, fixed it on my side for the moment, after i changed the preset it begin to download a huge chunk of data. (its very strange as it was, as i said, on ultra with few settings on high)

Try turning off depth of field.

Hi everyone,

Turning everything up to ultra and then back down did the trick but i need to experiment a bit more as the draw distance doesn’t seem to stay consistent between flights. Hopefully this is a bug that will be fixed!

Back in the FSX days, there was a ini file fix which made distance textures look sharp. Since this game is also based on FSX codes, perhaps we can find the similar solution.

That would be ideal. It can’t been happening to many people as I don’t see it discussed that much.

This fixed the problem for me

Finally the ground doesn’t look terrible!

Depth of field only works in drone mode. It doesn’t affect normal flying.

Hey everyone!

I’m currently having the same exact issue, trued different settings and nothing fixes the textures from being so blurry. I started looking at how the sim is downloading data and for some reason when flying the sim is only dowloading data at an average of not more than 7mbps even when my internet is 235mbps average.

Not sure why the sim doesnt use all my internet power but I have a feeling it mught have something to do with the scenery not dowloading properly and being so blurry!

Any help will be appreciate it! I hate not being able to get the full potential out of this amazing simulator

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