Very disappointed

Hello there…i m a simmer since the first flight sim…i was on x plane 11, which was pretty decent. I excpected the flight sim 2020…and i have to say i m very disappointed.
Well, the graphics are great, i m on medium on my nvidia 1050 ti, and it s pretty decent…it looks really like almost pictures or movies…besides that, many bugs or things out of control…
Here a few issues only in 2 days :

  • no building at some big airports…sometines only the gates, sometines nothing at all except a few planes
  • atc : sometimes voice, sometimes not…no respect of altitudes from the fmc
  • i m flying exclusively airliners, so here the airbus 320 :
    fmc, some functions are not usable, out of database, no respect of altitudes or sids or stars,…
  • plane not respecting altitudes or speed from the APilot
  • uncontrolable movements at landings even with no wind
  • no correct way to assigned runway from the fmc,

this is very frustrating…not a waste of money really, i will still fly the 2020 but only smaller airplanes…for my big routes, i will return to x plane 11.
i will have to do a compromise between performances and graphics. as i said, the x plane 11 graphics are pretty good so, the choice is made…
thanks for reading and sharing your experiences


The game only just came out, back when FSX came on it was trash during the first few months, tons of issues, people couldn’t play, performance wasn’t good, addon 3rd party planes caused FPS to drop from 40 down to 10.

woah kinda like right now?

Game is a technical marvel and it only just came out, everyone knows it has issues, you don’t even need to use the forum’s search function to find piles of threads of people pointing out those issues or expressing their frustrations and those are understandable.

Give it time, it took FSX a long time to get to where it’s at right now, same with X-plane.


Thanks for your comment…i wonder how they will solve the issues…but lets hope for that…i m not even motivated to use the sim 2020 but i stay confident…wait and see

To be honest I’m thrilled with the game, the ATC is annoying me I can’t get it to work at all. In terms of the other issues, I’m not shocked that there are issues, if you look back to the start of July when Beta was pushed back and reading what the Alpha tasters seemed to be saying NO ONE thought 6 weeks later the game would be released

Regarding the A320. XP11 has no default A320, so I assume you have bought a third-party-product? Me, too.
Don’t compare those with the default model from MSFS. The A320 in MSFS has errors and must be updated but is far from unflyable. I am very attached to my P3D Airbus from FSLabs and will fly it in P3D until a professional version is available for MSFS. However flying the smaller GA in MSFS is unbeatable. Never would touch P3D or XP11 again for that purpose.


Please be patient. I trust Microsoft. As they proved they respect their customers. I am 100% sure that they will solve all the problems and they will improve the simulator, which is more than I expected considering that it has been released just two days ago.


yes, i have the 320 and 330 from jdesign, and they are prefect…(fmc super, voices,…)
i m not so a boeing fan…

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I would also add in terms of the games life cycle this is day 2 X-Plane dates back 20 years. so in many respects a direct comparison isn’t fair… a year from now if it still has issues I would very much agree with you

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Yes, those models are very good. Let’s hope they release them for MSFS.
And yes… I am an Airbus-Boy as well :relaxed:

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i hope so too…as thoddy said, may be i m too unpatient, it s true it s only day two or three…so we can not compare really…anyway the graphics are great…still dont understand why at some airports no builidngs…only the ramps…looks weird

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I’m guessing the 1050ti ate them.

As with X-Plane, fully functioning study level aircraft will come from third party developers. I’d gain a love of VFR for a bit and wait.


Right now I’m flying mostly out of Keene, the default in Xplane is better(and the freeware one MUCH better), but I’m guessing its way down the list of places to improve!

The default in Xplane is better? Ok I’m sorry, I love Xplane also, but no default part of Xplane is better than in FS2020. Are you sure you’re default?

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What?? The default A320N ist not study level? Thats really awful…

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pretty dissapointed myself, ATC is acting as Melbourne which seems to be for the whole of Australia at the moment, ( i was flying in Western Australia and getting atc chatter seemingly from Melbourne on the otherside of the country ) really strange plane movements the interface is pretty clunky having to click things a few times to get a result, the cockpit view snap view drives me insane hopefully the continue to improve it and pretty quick to