Very faulty flight of the L-39 Albatros Robin 1

Having set the flight model to Modern, I am still having the issue. Plane veers wildly to the right and left and is totally uncontrollable. Same for the Beech 99A. Neither is flyable.

That is a pity to hear this. On my side, everything is fine with their controllability. Almost all of the planes from the Reno pack have some different small and big issues with gauges and systems and effects, but the controllability is on the same level as for all the other planes. Did you test the plane with different profiles for your controller? Did you try to “switch off” their rudder/aileron/elevator/trim/RPM channels one by one to locate the faulty one? Did you try to reinstall the plane? And on my system, I check from time to time if the Dim is in Modern or Legacy mode - with updates it happens that the Sim is changing its settings.

Hi’! Sorry, but I have same problem. As i read your comments, i went to settings and set the flight model to Modern, but dosn’t work. Not helped! The flight control isn’t working!
May know other solution? I research the way how can i solve, but im sad, because i was L-39 technician and i flew by aircraft.
The sim can be give back the nice past memories.

Hi, wondering if your issues were resolved ? I just purchased the L-39C ‘Drop Bear’ as it’s the only one (?) with an Auto Pilot. Last night I took off as normal following the checklist and at something like 3000 feet I set the AP to ALT and HDG after moving the heading bug to my purple GPS vector. The ALT held, all indications on the display looked fine (HDG …. ALT ) but the heading remained off. The plane simply ignored the bug and wouldn’t turn. The AP switch is hard wired on so it wasn’t that, I tried turning off all avionics and back on… nothing seemed to tell the system to behave with Heading as it was so happily on Altitude. Any ideas ? I have flown this plane once before and heading behaved as it does on pretty much every other model. It was only AUD15 and a bargain for a responsive and good looking plane but being a bit of a ‘tourer’ I really need my AP : )

On my side everything is OK for the Drop Bear. May be your AP mod was wrong - if I remember properly to follow the GPS purple vector you need to use GPS/NAV1 and not HDG mode - she will follow the green needles (they are green on the external view HUD) in the HDG mode.
The L-39C ‘Drop Bear’ is not the only one of them with the AP. All of them has an AP, just some of them do not have a visible control panel, but we can use usual buttons to use the “AP” / Here is a list of AP functions of those planes:
L-39 Common - Full AP but no AP panel
Drop Bear - Full+Control Panel
American Patriot - Pitch, LVL but no AP panel
American Spirit - Alt+HDG at least AP but no AP panel
ATHENA - Full AP but no AP panel
Blue Ice - Full+Control Panel
PIPSQUEAK - Full AP but no AP panel
Red Thander - Full+Control Panel
Robin 1 - Full AP but no AP panel
Sarance - Full AP but no AP panel
Tumbling Goose - Full+AP panel

I use AAU Beta. In this beta the ROBIN 1, PIPSQUEAK, BLUE ICE and ATHENA has updated avionics - GPS.
Any way, if you still have problems, check for updates (via your Content manager) and check you button assignments on your Joystick or your keybard.

Ah right, much better insight into the range now. I may have to pick up a couple more : ) I’ll give my Drop Bear another run over the weekend, see if I can’t apply your reasoning and hopefully resolve the issue. Much appreciated.

So I had the same issue and found a solution that worked for me (A little bit late I know…). In the Weight and Balance section when you choose the plane the center of gravity is automaticaly out of limit. You have to set it between the two white lines and then the plane flies normally. I hope this works for you guys too.