Very hard to taxi to the gate at ENGM without any signs

Made an IFR flight from ESGJ to ENGM with the Aerosoft CRJ 700. No problems at all, untill i have landed and contacted Gardermoen ground and requested taxi to the gates. I was told by ATC to taxi to gate 87 using taxiway. WHAT ??? No other directions what so ever and the airport had no taxiway signs at all.
Could you not have expected that at least there were signs after the nordic update ?

How are you supposed to fly on VATSIM if you cant find your way in to the gates ? Or from the gate to the runway ?
I flew airliners on Vatsim a lot with X-Plane 11 without any problem.

I should never try this sim on VATSIM in its present state.

Or are you supposed to download payware airports to get at least taxi signs ?

ENGM and ENBR are major norwegian airports , there are land stripes in grass in MSFS in details there are Giraffs in Afrika , but there is no proper ENGM and ENBR even after so long waited Nordic update still ■■■■ and nothing close to reality , Aerosoft made ENGM and ENBR for every sim before but still nothing on msfs - Please somebody tell me is it any chance for that ? Would be nice to get few antenas and radars arround airports too . Still wild bush arround gardermoen - ENGM

you still can do it, but its tedious, what you need is the rl outlay for the airport, then
zoom as much as possible in the ingame map, you can find the gate then.

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