Very Low FPS with 3070ti

If you’re running the sim through a 1440p or 4K monitor and outputting at full native resolution then setting the render scale at 80 should make next to no difference to the image quality. If you’ve got a high resolution monitor going above 100 is pointless. You’ll just kill performance.

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80 rendering scale will look very blurry on a 1440p monitor but agreed should make little to no difference with 4k.I do not think the OP realize how unoptimized EDDF and there is a thread already covering this a while now but now closed.
His card however should be able to handle 130 on 1440p but going to an unoptimized airport is asking for trouble.

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80 rendering on 1440 may not look the greatest, but 80% on 4k looks fantastic. I actually prefer 80% to the clinical 4k sharpness. Looks more like what I would see in the real world.

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UPDATE: I tried it now lowering rendering to 100% and LOD to 175 and i get about 30-35 fps after waiting for about 5 minutes. It will tank to 14fps for a few minutes then go back to the 30s after a while.

That could be normal for the 3070ti

Hopefully you will see a dramatic improvement on the 27th. What drivers do you currently have?

Keep rendering at 100.

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the old topic on the well known demanding airport EDDF. Choose another airport , and not one of the biggest from germany, and you get normal fps…

Your 3070ti is mid range and comparable to my “old” 2080Ti. Thus let the fingers from Render Scale > 100 , native wqhd is good enough. And lower LOD, as you already done…

See also:

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Thank you!

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Your settings are way to optimistic……

I feel like I wasted my money going from a 2070 S to a 3070 TI because there’s not much difference when it comes to MSFS.

No, absolutely not.
Your future is a bright one, this GPU will bring much joy with future updates, believe me.
For now, Just bring your settings down a bit and you’ll be smiling…

With my RTX3070 (non TI) I can play all my games apps Sims at Ultra (1080p), and also in VR with a very good, mainly ultra, quality too. Only MSFS is so demanding, and it need optimization. So don’t use it as a “reference” to judge your GPU!

as some users said… wait a bit for some optimizations.

But for me is your point the reason why I not switch from a 2080ti to a 3080TI… 25-40% more “fps” ( and 60% more power consume ) is it not worth ( for me ). My basic rule: skip at least one gpu generation.

I have a regular 3070, Ryzen 5 5600x, 32gb RAM everything ultra and Render scale at 80 at 4k, I get 30-50fps.

In frankfurt airport?

I found LOD settings impact FPS as soon as you touch down on a big-city airport. Lower LOD even more to get higher FPS while on ground.

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EDDF is a known fps hog.

I want to say that the optimized too spicy chicken this game can’t because it simply as graphics performance test standard of discontent graphics I 3070 ti graphics high utilization effects % 60