Very low LOD drawdistance on multiplayer aircrafts!

When flying in VR the multiplayer aircrafts are very poor visual quality from distance, almost like a minecraft model. You have to go realy close to see the full model load in. No settings fixes this.

More than the lower detailed model until you’re up close, they are more importantly missing their landing gears and this shows badly for static aircraft around you on the ground.


This needs fixing soon !

This needs fixing so I’m bumping for 30 more days for comments.

In VR you can see how it changes to a lower poly aircraft when you pan around or walk around, thats really bad…

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This need to get to the vr snapshot.

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I don`t really understand why we have to flag all this. This should have been identified at devs quality control level and a fix issued by now. We constantly act as beta testers/fixers, which is out of order considering we all paid the asking price for this product !

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This seems to be true for aircraft in single player, as well as basic things like windsocks.