Very low res ground textures...caused by

Doing my first flight after applying the latest MSFS update and noticed something I’ve never seen before…extremely low res ground textures when flying at FL320 in this case and looking down at the ground as seen below.

Anyone else seen this?

I’ve checked to make sure all data options are set to ON such as photogrammetry etc. Fact is I haven’t changed any settings. Same thing both in 2D and VR. Things looked fine though shortly after takeoff from LEIB but this is what I see now on my way to LESO. Certainly not what I’m used to see when flying in MSFS.

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Hi @WebMaxxximus,

I just started the same flight and am not experiencing this myself. See below for a few screenshots I captured flying from LEIB to LESO at FL320. Ground textures look normal for me. The screenshots below were taken at 1440p resolution with all settings on Ultra and LOD set to 400. Have you tried deleting your local cache? I know that can sometimes help in cases like this.



The same problem appears here. All lines, even taxiway lines, have disappeared. I’m trying to find out the cause.

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don;t fret; it will be fixed soon

After this flight, I flew LESO-EDDK-LDZA and didn’t see any issues. So guess it was some temp odd thing going on. Yesterday, I had several messages my bandwidth was too low, the connection was lost etc. Even when both of them was just fine with around 700 Mbit both up/down. So not really sure where that all came from but guess it could be related to the poor ground textures I saw. Had maybe one or two connection lost issues today as well but soon thereafter, a message the connection had been restored.

Will keep flying and see what happens.

Still interested though in how you do this?

Are you referring to the local cache you can setup via the in-game menu? Or a cache you delete manually via Windows Explorer?

I know you can delete the contents in …\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes but maybe there are other locations as well where it will do good if you clean them out every now and then?