Very Satisfied with MSFS 2020

I’ve been enjoying my MSFS 2020 experience very much! I have flown all over the United States, and with my Navigraph subscription, never have need of a chart, or airport diagram. Although I would like to see the Vatsim altitude bug fixed, I want the developers (if they read this) to be encouraged! I have been simming for a long long time, and I can’t get over how when I fly into somewhere new in the United States, I can be sure that the baseball fields, running track and field stadiums, the turbine wind mills corresponding with the actual VFR charts; I can look down at the ground and KNOW that I could use this simulator as an actual familiarization to an area, and given enough time in any of these places, feel like I would be prepared to fly IRL there (because the mountains are the same, the roads are the same, the frequencies are the same) … there is one flight simmer out here that truly appreciates what Asobo et. al. have accomplished, keep it up!!!


I agree with you it’s a beautiful sim I’ve been simming since MSFS2000 and have tried everything in between! Most days I just set the time to an afternoon in summer with few clouds and go sightseeing!!!


I flew the original way back as a child and learned a crazy amount from that I still retain today.

I’m only a few weeks into this version. There are things that annoy me but as a software engineer, I’m amazed at the platform and the community development around the platform they have made. It takes software engineers a good dedicated portion of their lives to make something like this.


Glad to see some positive posts :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been flying MSFS since the alpha days and I still have days where I’m left speechless. It’s an incredible sim.


Sure its not perfect yet, but its better than anything we’ve ever had before. I don’t use anything else but MSFS for standard flying and DCS for mil stuff.

Funny thing is, for the last two years before the announcement of MSFS, I would always post on flight sim forums saying we need a new sim with new tech…flying other sims I knew “this was not it” it was “too outdated” then once this sim was announced, it was like all my thoughts had been answered… especially with the streamed scenery, updated flight model and modern graphics engine.


This fantastic piece of software is giving me everything I need to start learning to fly without having to pay big time for the real thing (which I nonetheless do from time to time).
The amount of detail is amazing. With my (limited) rl-flying experience it all looks and feels almost like the real thing. This sim has given me many memorable experiences and will be the only ‘game’ that I play for many years to come.
Thanks for starting a positive topic!


Same here. I fly in VR and the sim blows my mind every time I use it!
We’ve never had it so good :grinning:



Good to see a positive topic.

I really enjoy METAR was restored, the improved clouds, also the weather design options seem to work better.


I love it ! Best FS on the market, period !


I have to agree, I often fly all around the world and can still get mind blown by the quality of the scenery and lighting. The sim’s development is going pretty well for the amount of work required and despite some setbacks, has managed to give us a lot more than what we could have imagined a few years ago.


Much better than Chuck Yeager’s Flight Sim.

Just hope they can get the flight planning, navigation systems working better. Some GPS stuff is also still wonky outside the NXI. Imported flight plans are not always followed and MSFS’s native flight planner has a lot of room for improvement.

Hope they can also fix the water edges and green roads.

But for $60, I thinks its a great deal since the CTD’s now are far and few and the scenery doesn’t require hundreds of $$$ to make pleasing.


hahaha, that made me laugh; that’s the simulator I started on years ago!

“Welcome to Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat!” -Chuck Yeager

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Thank you for a very positive post. Thought I was the only one out there enjoying the sim.

Let’s hope the weather haters and moaners don’t jump on this thread :laughing:


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I also enjoy this sim immensely. I fly every evening for an hour or so using the W/T CJ4 for the most part. I get great performance from my rig and a solid frame rate of around 60fps using live weather and traffic. I do get the occasional in-sim atc malfunction, but that’ll get fixed in time and it’s a minor annoyance.

I’ve been into this hobby for well over 25 years and have used them all. When it comes to visuals, MSFS is light years ahead of anything out there IMO, and I’m confident other features will only get better over time. I’m also confident that this little herd of unicorns expressing their satisfaction is bigger than what we see here on this forum.


Thanks for your post. It’s also telling that the one who’s calling out the inappropriate post is flagged while the inappropriate one isn’t … :frowning:

Then we should do something about it, shouldn’t we? :wink:

Or better still, leave it there as a demonstration for how childish some people are.


I agree been enjoying the hobby for 25+ years. I drifted from FSX a few years ago. When my family told me MSFS was coming I was overjoyed. I have purchased more than I should but… 3090 Board built a high end rig to play a game I love so much. Tons and tons of content and planes. Windows 11. Sim running butter smooth. I got subscription to Navagraph. A must Sim Tools Little Nav map Intel processor. No CTD and I like the live weather.


I agree! lol I’m playing now and enjoying the weather. its stunning ! To much ice not enough ice. to much fog not enough haze to cold to hot no pixels no wind to much wind add nauseum .