Very Slow Download

I don’t understand how this is possible, it’s been so long, I like many here, still have problems downloading updates and the game itself. This is just torture, the download speed is only 2MB, I will download 8GB for ages! Not to mention a complete reinstall. Why can’t you set up your servers? Origin, Steam, and Uplay all download games at the maximum available speed. I bought the maximum edition to support the developers, and they spit in my face.


Try this if you still need help. This worked for me. Watch this video. Good luck.
I found a YT video after 4 days of trying to reinstall the whole 95GB installer.
I found a great solution on You Tube. Using the command prompt you set the TCP Autotuninglevel to disabled. Totally worked for me. Afterwards, set the tuning back to normal. Still took 7 hours at 125Mps to download the whole 95GB installer. But I’m back to flying!
Since we can’t post links find the solution with the search term “MSFS2020 download gets stuck”. (Posted Aug. 18, 2020)

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Make sure your bandwidth is not limited in the sim in the data settings tab.

i try to update this 3 days for 15%… i deleted game and download agan it now is very very very slow( for 95G ) i dont know if i can ever play this game :frowning:

I too am having the same issue. I have a 130mb internet. No issues with Steam downloads. I can get 23gig games in 34min. Been trying to install the update for 3 days, so far I have 1.2 gig of it. Poo of a game.

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Change VPN

It’s Microsoft, I have tested my routers and ran a speed test: I have DOWNLOAD speed 103.90 Mbps UPLOAD speed 471.63 Mbps.
I have and do consistently download at very high speed!
FS speed 5.5-6.1Mbps (pathetic).
Microsoft’s servers ■■■■, they must be throttling them to screw us over!
Oh, just for fun I did change the limit and rebooted: plus turned off my routers and reset everything.
Conclusion: Microsoft servers ■■■■!

I’m not on a VPN.