Very slow flight control - climb and descend

I suddenly have an issue with my Thrustmaster TCA Airbus flight stick and Honeycomb Alpha Yoke flight controls and can’t figure out how to resolve. The specific issue is that controlling the elevator axis (to take-off, climb or descend is VEEEERRRRY slow to respond). I’ve been using MSFS since the alpha and have never seen this issue. At first I thought it was an issue with the PMDG and Alpha Flight yoke, but I’m seeing the exact same behavior in the Fenix A320 with the TCA flight stick.

The above slow climb and descend behavior even happens on autopilot to the point that correcting altitude in flight makes the plane descend and climb well above and below the assigned altitude throughout the flight. I’m hoping someone has an idea that can help solve this issue as it makes the flight experience a disaster to the point that it’s not enjoyable.

Quick follow-up to let everyone know the culprit of the above was FSRealistic v 2.0.6B1. I’m hoping they can get a fix published soon as I enjoy this add-on, but not at the expense of negatively impacting flight controls.

That’s weird. Trying to understand how an external app that only adds a layer of audio and moves the camera in-game can spread to affecting systems and control surfaces. Is that the Pro version? I think there is a newer version than that but not on my PC to check now.

Yes, I have the licensed Pro version and this is the latest update. 2.0.6B1. I agree it’s strange this would happen, but the second I turn off FSRealistic the aircraft flies perfectly again. Turn it back on and the same issue starts immediately.

I downloaded 2.0.6 and installed it. The app now runs again without issue. I don’t know how this updated to a beta version (assume that 2.0.6B1 is a beta). Strange, but glad it’s resolved. Just sharing in case others have this same issue.