Very slow start

I installed the simulator today and it takes like 10 min to startup into the main menu and after choosing the plane and the flight i go into ingame but then it just stops loading… and then nothing happens… how to fix this?

Be patient on the first load-in, it could take a while!

Moved to #self-service:install-performance-graphics which is more appropriate :+1:

how long then? I’m waiting now for 20 min

That may be a little too long if you’re on an NVME drive! Check if the application is showing a (not responding) or not. Chances are that if it is not, then it is legitimately still loading but I’ve had to close out of it before it really just depends on your exact system specs.

I have it on a nvme and in the task manager it shows not responding but what else I can do? i already tried to restart it 5 times and also reinstalled it and always the same thing… I never had these problems before but now somehow they started to appear and I really don’t know what to do now

I have ryzen 5 2600 and rx 580

even to load into the main menu it takes at least 10 min…

Since last update Loading at start take 10 minutes. With the last Maverick same poor result. 10 mn. to have the welcome screen. Ancient version take 2 or 3 min. max. to load. I have a UFO machine with the last updates and drivers. best regards from France. :slight_smile:

yeah for me it doesnt even work :smiley: not even in 45min