Very talented develloper at MSFS nature area

Hello Asobo,

Have you seen Bijan Habashi creating really very beautifull nature for MSFS?

I think it is worth considering to offer him a place in your devellopment team.
Just for sure: I am not anyway related to him, nor have a any financial benefits to his work.

Enjoying MSFS!
Kind regards
Bram Stikkel

I’m quite tempted to get this. Asobo have said they’re doing their own version later this year though. Is it not the case with this mod that you have to manually swap out folders to change seasons?

Yes, I can image you’re consideration. You are right. Actually I had decided not to buy any addon for MSFS until Asobo would have been finished updating it.
However, I am tempted by the really great looking screenshots. Just purchased it.
We will see how it goes on. I really think Asobo does great jobs, only they cannot do all at the same time. So, as exception, I have purchased this addon as a present for myself. A bit impatience to, on my side :wink: