VFHUB - California Dreaming - Saturday & Sunday 21-22/11 19:00/17:00 UTC

Event is now FULL!
All those who signed up please be on the discord server by 18:45 UTC
Enjoy the event!

Join our discord by 18:45pm. - https://discord.gg/dZwj7mb

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XCub allowed? :wink:

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Yeah it is!

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I can’t get the Discord invite to work. I click accept and it just gets rid of the invite window, leaving the background going.

See if this invite works for you. https://discord.gg/3sTNmWpT

try again with the new link

Yeah, I don’t know what the problem is, but I think it’s a problem on either my end or Discord’s end. I’ll try having my dad troubleshoot it tonight.

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Just 2 signup places remain for Today’s and Sunday’s event!

We are now into double figures for today’s event and there is 1 spot remaining! sign up ASAP so you are not disappointed!

Signup is now closed!

I hope all those that signed up enjoy today’s event!

Both invites are expired, can you try sending another?