VFHUB - International flight group - VFR/BUSH/IFR

VFHUB ‘‘Visual Flight Hub’’ was founded on the 18.08.20 The same day MSFS2020 was launched. We are a community that is rapidly growing, so what makes us different from the rest? Firstly we value our community members and always take on board their input and encourage feedback so we can improve and develop.

VFHUB has virtual pilots from all over the world from Finland to Cuba, with all different types of experiences. From the real world pilots, to the hardcore simmers, and of course people who are new to the MSFS simulation.

VFHUB is solely committed to MSFS2020.

Our aim is to give our members the best experience possible, we hold weekly events and allow our members the freedom to participate when and how they want too. We have a wide range of events from online to solo, there is always something for everyone. Some use our community for information, help and media. Others for flying VFR, VATSIM, BUSH, IFR

You can visit our website at www.vfhub.net you will find a link to our discord server on the home page or join us section of the website-
Or click here - https://discord.gg/RpR9Cqw
Follow us on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfv5cgqeP-HUrfaA_3ebqg

Many thanks and a warm welcome,
Neon (VFHUB founder)