[VFHUB] Portuguese Hills (Part 1/3)

Portuguese Hills (Part 1/3)
-Date: Friday 12th of April at 18:00z (Friday the 12th, 19th, 26th of April at the same time)
-Discription: On this adventure we will take turbo pistons and smaller turbo props across the whole of Portugal from the very south to just across the northern border to Vigo (Spain)
This is event is filled with excellent scenery from rolling hills, rivers, lakes and area’s of natrual beauty.
The event will take part in three parts.
-Server and Details: North Europe server, All players and Live Weather. The live time may be adjusted if it is dark and you would prefer to fly during the daytime.
-Route Length: Part 1 is 116nm
-Route Information: LPLG/LPEV (See the PLN files for the complete routing of the whole event)
-Event Duration: 1hr and 5 mins.
-Aircraft recommendations: The recommended cruise speed will be 140-150knts, average runway size is 3900ft. You may also use a Helicopter that is capable of this cruise speed if you wish!

Discord for voice chat: VFHUB Discord server

PLN Files:
PH - Part 1.pln (5.1 KB)
Portugese Hills.pln (19.2 KB)

Look forward to seeing you there!