✈ VFHUB - The Established Family-Feel Community (VFR & IFR)

Welcome to Visual Flight Hub,
We are a “family-feel” community of worldwide real life pilots and enthusiast! VFhub provides a variety of different flying options and opportunities to meet each member’s needs.
With a sustainable growth plan in place throughout 2021, our future is exciting. VFhub is committed to providing a “Quality over Quantity” approach. Events are held primarily on weekends, and sometimes during the weekdays, with both UTC and EST time zone options!

What Visual Flight Hub offers:
:Great place to make friends, be part of a family, and explore the massive virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
:VFR Flying club which offers a range of activities from VFR Flying, Themed Events, Exploration Events, Bush trips, Vatsim, Solo events, and much much more
:Supreme Events which are over 800nm long with 14+ different airports to visit across a range of different countries and terrain making for a thrilling adventure
:Aerosoar Virtual Airline, a new upcoming development for 2021. Aerosoar will provide IFR options for our community with hubs in both Europe and North America. This will also include Vatsim options
:Member of the month awards, Screenshot/Video diary rewards, plenty of prizes (Amazon, Google play and Discord Nitro Gift cards/Awards) Competitions, Discount off selected MSFS2020 Addon-Software
:Quarterly feedback sessions with members so we can put idea’s into action

What is required to join us:
:Membership for the Visual Flight Hub is free to anyone from any country, of any age and gender
:Membership can be obtained by spending time within our community participating in group events, chatting, and being active within the discord
:We welcome everyone to our discord warmly regardless if you wish to obtain membership or not

Visual Flight Hub understands that people have jobs, families, schooling, and real life priorities to deal with. Therefore we understand that not everyone can fly or engage themselves in our community every single day and we respect that.

We welcome you aboard!

Feel free to check out our website at www.vfhub.net:
Join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/gMtZtNK

Visual Flight Hub Founder.


Updated 14/12/2020

Fantastic community! This close-knit group is well worth your time.

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Looks interesting…I’ll check it out after Work today

Thank you for the feedback!

I want to start by saying I am a Community Leader in VFHUB so my opinion is a little biased but with that out of the way there are some great people that are a part of this community. Our members range from beginner to expert and there are even a few commercial pilots among us and there is always people who are willing to help teach what they know in a judgement free area designed to accommodate anyone of any age or skill level.
The events can sometimes be challenging but I think that is what many of us sign up for. If you like community based group flights with a bunch of good people from around the world or challenging solo events then VFHUB is for you. Come by and say hi; what do you have to lose?

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We are still open for member applications. Jump in our discord and check out what we have to offer you today!

Hi, I keep getting the invite rejected as invalid. I don’t have 100 servers, tried it from behind a VPN, no change. Discord seems to be fine for everyone else.