VFHUB - The journey to Madrid - Sunday 15th 19:30 UTC

The Journey to Madrid
Join us on Sunday the 15th of November at 19:30 UTC
We will start at LEMZ Aerodromo Naturmaz and be heading to the capital of Spain and the international airport Madrid Barajas (LEMD)

We will pass through the beautiful coastal town of Vigo, before landing at the local airport! which is an absolutely stunning landing. Next we shall be heading for Aerodrome Forestal en route to Madrid and on to Santo Tome (Located near north Madrid) after a small break we shall be taking in views of the capital of Spain Madrid, before landing at the main international airport.

Airport list: LEMZ, LEVX, LEBJ, LEPT, LEMD

Aircraft: Twin prop or G36 Beech

Event type: Online group event

Feel free to join us on discord! we will have a live voice and text available - https://discord.gg/3h29FCegs5


This event is still scheduled to go ahead!

is there a flight plan for this event?
i suppose i can just pop in the airports and make my own if you don’t.

I’d recommend making your own, there is an airport list above for you I think most people will stick close enough to see each other

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which server is this?