VFhub - Wine Club Event - California USA

Saturday 5th of March
22:00z - 00:00z
East USA, All players, Live Weather
Prop aircraft max 120knts
Apothic red blend zinfandel wine is the selected bottle for our first event.
Event is being held in California, USA
Everyone is welcome and if you can’t get access to the specific bottle of wine then an alternative
close to the region or vineyard is acceptable.
Non drinkers are welcome to join in with the event with a non alcoholic
alternative or no drink at all if you wish to just join in the flying fun.

Hello everyone!
Due to popular demand, we have now created our first Wine Club Event.
Our Wine Club Event will be hosted four times a year, Starting on the 5th of March 2022.
Please note that VFhub DOES NOT encourage heavy or underage drinking. Please be
responsible and remember this is a social event. The event will be managed and
monitored as always by our community staff

The event will start at Oakale (027) after departure we will follow the Stanislaus river
to Modesto City, where our selected bottle of wine originated from. After flying over the city we will fly
over the vineyards to the west, and land at Westley (CA67) Here we will take a 15
minute rest, and discuss about the wine, it’s origin etc. After this we will depart to
meet the route 5 and follow it to the Del Puerto Canyon. We will follow the route 130
all the way to the other side (East foothills) and start our approach into San Carlos
You can gain access to our PLN file under #confirmed-events on our discord server.

VFhub Discord server - VFHUB | Discord server
Website - www.vfhub.net

If you have any questions prior to the event please pop over to our discord server or reply here. It would also be handy if you can confirm your attendance on our discord events calendar to help us suitably prepare in terms of expected numbers, if you are expecting to attend.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend and week!

VFhub Founder.

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Just one day to go! Already 13 confirmed participants.

Event starts in 20 mins.
At least 16 pilots will be participating, its not to late to join in the fun!