VFHUB - Xmas Online-Group Event - Throughout December

Hello everyone!
VFHUB is delighted to bring to you our December and Christmas event for 2020.
You can find below the timetable and airport list. Our Christmas event this year will mostly be in Canada.
Aircraft recommended: Prop aircraft which can manage 130-160knts (Twin prop allowed but no turbo’s exception is the Caravan)

**Watch Sunday’s leg live on Twitch! and see what VFHUB is all about : VFHUB - Twitch (LIVE AT 18:55 UTC)


  1. Voice able (minimum requirement is to at least be able to listen)
  2. Knowledge on how to operate your aircraft of choice and use charts/maps when applicable (Knowledge on how to fly using maps/charts is recommend for Sunday’s leg)
  3. Using our Discord server during the event (For voice and text chat)
  4. West Europe server, All players, AI traffic, Live weather

CYPA - CYOD: Sunday 6th December 19:00 UTC
CYOD - CYEG: Wednesday 9th December 19:00 UTC
CYEG - CEU2: Saturday 12th December : 20:30 UTC
CEU2 - CYZY - CAH5: Saturday 19th December 20:00 UTC


CAH5 - CZST: Tuesday 29th December 21:00 UTC
CZST - PANT: January 1st: 19:00 UTC

You can signup at our website https://www.vfhub.net/event-info/online-xmas-event
You can join our Discord server here - https://discord.gg/YhYkZxAK

Hope to see as many of you as possible for some festive fun!

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Just 4 days until our online Xmas event starts!

Still a couple of slots left for tonight’s leg!
Join our discord and download the charts/maps required for today’s VFR leg

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