VFR addons discussion

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Edit: First of all, I changed the subject of the topic slightly as I see there are more than just this one VFR addon available out there which I initially intended to discuss. I thought it makes sense to have a discussion ongoing about every kind of VFR addons which is currently in development for the simulatio or already available.

Some of you might know about the free addon “We love VFR” (currently in beta and available for free).

For everybody who does not know about it here is a short introduction:
It is a free addon for the Flight Simulator which adds thousands new VFR friendly objects. In the current beta version it implements communication, tv and radio antennas, some radar domes, satellite dishes and radio telescopes as well as construction cranes. Besides that it is a small addon, small in the sense of file size.

Currently the creator is working on so called region 1 which covers Europe.
More information can be found on the developers page at http://puffinflight.com/

For me, who stumbled upon this addon via the sub r/FS2020Creation/ thought one should also promote this kind of addon here on the official forums.
I guess the author of the addon deserves some attention and I herewith on the same page wanted to start a discussion what you guys think of such additions?

The direct download can be found at creators website or on flightsim.to


I love the idea. I still haven’t figured out how it behaves with other addons that add the same type of objects across Europe, like flight obstacles for Finland or this for Germany or this for Czech Rep, I’m sure there’s more.
Will it show duplicate objects?

Thank you for sharing! Those do look promising!
I took your comment as a reason to adapt the topic subject slightly as I see there are quite a couple of addons out there.

If there are compatibility issues between those addons I cannot verify yet as I just got to know those which you listed.

It does show duplicate objects if you have other add-ons for specific areas that includes similar features. Like for instance, I’ve seen duplicate’s antennas in Wien with Troglodytus’ excellent landmark scenery.

That being said, if you’re just flying over them, you may not notice.

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First of all, thank you very much for your kind words.

As the author of WeLove VFR wanted to clear up a few things. Although it’s a beta it will stay free forever no matter if it’s beta of final.
Other regions are planned. I want to add one more important object type to Europe and then I’ll focus more on Region 2 - the Americas.

In the case of mod conflicts. As my mod is, as I call it “low level”, and covers a huge area I can’t prevent conflicts with other mods. It would be awesome, but there is no way to detect if another object is placed over mine. But it still can work as it should. Problem is, authors of other mods would need to add exclusion rectangles to their mods to remove my objects. Then the user just needs to have proper order in the Content.xml file nad all should work. I’ve tested it with 2 scenery creators and it worked great.

Ok, time to get back to Blender and making new objects :wink:


i like your product, keep them coming