VFR Barton to Blackpool, oops

Set off from Barton post update

Graphics good, Old Trafford great enroute scenery very good…

Then I headed up towards Blackpool to see the Tower and land at Blackpool airport.

Something is not quite right Altimeter is showing 1500 feet but it seems more like 3000 feet

As I aproach Blackpool Tower it looks like a pimple so I descend and as the Altimeter gets to zero feet I am still at about 2000 feet.

Head over towards Blackpool airport and join downwind for 28 at what looks like 1000 feet (I got my PPL here so know what 1000 feet looks like at Blackpool).

As I descend the altimeter starts to climb.

I just land on visual.

Taxi to the apron the aircraft will not slow down the throttle is fully off and we are doing 40 kts.

Gently apply the brakes and it nose dives

I do hope the issue are sorted

What aircraft was displaying the problem.?
Just tried the Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 into EGNH and it seems OK.
Blackpool VFR scenery is not good considering the 3 piers, Big Dipper , Inskip Masts or Winter Hill transmitter, Heysham Power Station not showing .
Did you delete all the manual cache as advised in the update notes and empty the Community Folder.

I was flying the Robin Cap10

Yes, the cache was deleted and the PC then re-booted.

Shame that the update is hit and miss as what is included and as it is Blackpool Tower looks a bit like it was modelled using Lego.

hi…can you pls help…before the uk and ire update pleasureland and all the rides were there inc the 3 piers…that has all dissapeared and obv the tower is inc in the update…what has happened to the other scenic bits…paul

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The three Blackpool piers are missing. Has no one noticed? Blackpool is famous for it’s Tower but also for it’s 3 piers, unique.

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