VFR in Australia

Hi guys, rather than post up a complaint on here, I must say just how amazed I am by this sim!

Does any of you Aussies know of any good spots for some VFR flying?

Likewise, I am really impressed with the sim. Spending time exploring familiar locations around the world. Everywhere I have checked out so far has not disappointed.

A nice spot to start a VFR flight: YSWK.

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A nice part of the world! Not far from where I am in Newcastle. I’ll give it a try for sure.

Another interesting VFR flight idea would be from the Melbourne area to Tasmania across Bass Strait via Wilsons Promontory and Flinders Island. Then returning via King Island and Cape Otway.

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My fav is YSCB - YCOM - YMER - YMRY - YSCB :slight_smile:

I’m from Hobart so did the opposite. Very enjoyable flight. Flew over my current house in Lindisfarne bay after taking off from Cambridge airport and onto my teenage years house in Croydon, eastern Melbourne (both were well represented). Btw there was a huge tower near Essendon that was an auto gen mistake, it looked to be about a kilometre high…looked hilarious.

I’ll be commencing my VFR around Oz tour starting from Adelaide soon. I’ll be starting with a circumnavigation then start heading inland. I be doing it the normal way I’d do it for most of the trip. IE: With maps and a clock.

That will be a lot of hours in a plane!

Quite a bit missing in oz,

Alot of the islands/reef off the Queensland Coast are not included,

Have a look at bing maps and then look in game at the flightplannin/vfr maps.

I think the AI has not been able to handle it and its totally missing. certainly alot of things to improve for VFR flights.

Looking forward to doing some proper VFR navigation without GPS etc, but I am going to wait until the current sim issues with the winds aloft are resolved. For now the flying is not too serious, just having fun exploring.

Nooo. I’ve just plotted an around Australia flight and planned to head over the water from the Gold Coast to hunt the coral reef :confused: