VFR Issue in Cessna 172

Hey gang,
So been a little while and wanted to get some flight time in.
I had been flying the Cessna 172 with the Garmen 1000 GPS.
Used to I would select departing airport, select destination airport , and fly. GPS would show me the way there.
Now it seems it is not doing that for me, only showing a line pointing north. The right hand screen does not show any GPS line or anything really.

I was used to GPS pretty much guiding me all the way there. What in the world am I missing now? Somewhat confused.
The sim is fully up to date and I am not running any mods or third party software.

Thanks for any assistance,

Are you using the G1000 Nxi version? Are your departure/arrival airports shown in the flight plan?

It works alright for me:

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Yes 172 with G1000.
This is what I see, a line in left screen showing due north (airport is due east).
Right screen showing nothing.


Try this;

In Windows 10 Control Panel → Region → Administrative Tab-> Change System Locale…
Turn off: “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support

I am on Windows 11 - had a look and that Beta option is already turned off.

But have you tried the (newer) Nxi version, available free from the in-sim Marketplace - this is the one Working Title are now concentrating on (at the request of Asobo), and is more likely to work. Lots of good, new, working features as a bonus.

I don’t know how much effort is put into the original G1000 to keep it up to date, as it is now deemed obsolescent.

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Hmm that I am not sure of will go have a look thanks.

Ok that was it! I had the G1000 but it showed a small update available for it, so installed the update and all is well again. Thanks so much!

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