VFR LFMP-LESU: Perpignan to Seu de Urgell (Principat de Andorra)

Hi everyone!

Here’s a scenic flight plan from Perpignan, the last French city before the border with Spain , and the “Seat of Urgell”, capital of the Principat of Andorra in the Spanish Pyrenees.
I suggest renting a Diamond DA40NG at the Perpignan Rivesalte Airport with 50% fuel on board on a clear day.
1 Takeoff from LFMP (144ft)
2 The cunning (!) plan is to follow the river Tet valley climbing at leisure to 6,500 feet. In real weather the flight is quite turbulent. Prevailing winds are from the south west.
3 At 6,500 feet you can clear the mountain pass of Sainte Locadie where you can catch sight of the military airstrip of the same name (LFYS)
4 After the pass you join the El Segre river valley that will lead you to your destination
5 Descend to no less than 3,500 feet, because the airport lies at 2,600ft on a high plateau and you don’t want to be low!
6 Land at LESU, most probably at runway 31. The runway is long and you have to taxi to its end to turn back and park.

Thank you for your attention.

Ok here’s the flight plan:
Perpignan - La Seu d’Urgell GrandTour.PLN (1.9 KB)
and some screenshots


Thaks for the fightplan.
But only to point out that Seo d’Urgell is in Catalunya, Spain
The airport LESU is the closest to Andorra, that is a historic micro state with two co-princes that are the Bishop of Seo d’Urgell and the President of France.

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Oh, yes, of course you are right! Thank you for pointing this out.

Flew into LESU this afternoon from Madrid. So much turbulence on the approach but so much fun.

Nice flight route. Will look at trying it once I’ve finished my round Europe tour.

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This was a great trip (I may even do it again)!

My first time in the DA40 - a nice VFR aircraft. I need to study it a bit- I spent half the flight with a low fuel warning!

Thanks for taking the time to share this trip!

Thank you. As for the DA40, after a low fuel (R or L) warning, activating the fuel transfer pump for a while will rebalance the quantity of fuel in the two tanks. :grinning:


Thanks for the tip!