VFR Map After updating causes an immediate crash

After the last update 1.9 , I found out when I run a map it causes the simulator to crash

Maybe you are using fps mod…?

And fyi @RogueAsh498561… You are reporting after you are telling us you have a problem, and after some one is really trying to help you find a REAL solution?
I’ll remember your name… :point_up:t2: Hope you get everything fixed from now on…

This has already been listed in the - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/29/2020) catalogue. See the aforementioned link for workarounds.

Ok… Can’t help you more, because @Angernerve has the correct solution, even if it’s not listed there :man_shrugging:t2:
I’m glad there are people who just knows all the answers! :man_facepalming:t2:

One thing to make sure of is to NOT use any kind of fps mod/fix, which was a “solution” for some other “bug” :wink:

I have no map , not running after update ,.

LMAO the ‘workaround’ is to open it at the start of the flight and KEEP IT OPEN THE WHOLE TIME.

I’m sorry but this is not a workaround - I want to open and close the map as needed during the flight but that just CTD’s each time.

Basically I’m turning off MSFS not worth playing anymore for now - if they haven’t fixed it before my next Game Pass payment is due I’m cancelling.

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Thanks for the report @RogueAsh498561. As mentioned, this one is listed in the Known Issues link at the top of the page. Workaround until this is fixed in an upcoming patch is to open the map at the beginning of the flight and leave it open. Going to mark this one as closed. Thanks for understanding.