VFR map and other panels slow to load, reset after being closed

Not sure if this is just me, but is anyone else finding issues with the in-flight VFR map since SU8, specifically:

  • slow to load
  • once you close the VFR window and open it again, it’s slow to load again the second time, and each time you subsequently open the map. (Before SU8 it could be slow the first time, but thereafter you could toggle it pretty much instantly)
  • when you re-open the map (toggle it back on) it resets and ‘forgets’ the zoom or GPS tracking option you’ve previously selected.

Anyone else struggling with this or have any suggestions?

EDIT - Apparently this affects every panel, including ATC as well.

Same here …

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It was mentioned quite a bit yesterday while people were updating. Seems like it resets after being closed.


Same here and also the navlog stop watch resets to 0.00 every time you open it

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same here!


Did you find out that after the SU8 the VFR MAP takes longer to load and after you switch it OFFf and then back ON it resets. Also the NAVLOG in Bush flights also resets.


I suppose one of us should raise some sort of ticket if no-one has already…

I don’t know how to raise a ticket, please someone do it for us.

Besides loading slow and resetting itself to GPS on whenever you open it, in my case, it causes the MFD map in the Longitude to freeze up, once it’s opened. Once this happens, I can’t get the MFD map to start working, unless I zoom it all the way in. Then it will start updating again. Zoom back out, and it freezes up again…If I don’t open the VFR map, for the entire flight, the MFD map works fine…

Sounds like something’s definitely gone wrong then!

I’ve moved this to bugs and issues - so you can now vote at the top. Hope this helps!

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Same here and the ATC window does the same.


Same here.

And the same happens with the Navigraph Charts in-game panel. When I close the window and reopen it later, it reloads the flight plan as if I had opened the panel for the first time. Also: the charts list for the departure/arrival airport disappears after closing the window, so everytime I reopen the panel, I don’t only have to wait for the flight plan to get loaded again, I also have to open the chart list again.

Maybe these two issues are linked?

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Really curious as to whether this is just affecting a few of us or whether this is affecting everyone.

as someone who participated in the beta i can only say so much:

seeing what was reported on it and then subsequently ignored anyway by Asobo AND released as SU8 will tell you something. (VR issues, popcorn clouds, VFRMap, atc, and so on)

i wish someone who doesn’t have this issue to come forward.

This is affecting me as well. Also as was mentioned earlier the Navigraph Charts Panel resets and has to load the data again.

As do the Checklists which is really annoying.

It seems like this bug is affecting all the pop out panels via the Toolbar. Hope this can get fixed soon!


I hope so too!


I was having this issue with WT G3000. You’re doing this with the stock items? So maybe the root cause is Asobo and not Working Title.

Yep. I brought this up as soon as I saw it happening after SU8. Slow to open and keeps resetting to full zoom. Seems I’m not alone

Yep… I only just noticed the navlog problem. Happening here as well.