Vfr map bug 1.9.3

When departing in to flight around like in 10mins of flight when opening the VRF Map it crashes the MSFS 2020 to desktop which automatically closes the sim.

Hi @Bori873621, thanks for the report. The team is aware of this one, and it is listed in the Known Issues link at the top of the page. Recommended work around until this is patched is to open the VFR map at the very beginning of your flight. Some have also reported improvements if they turn off AI traffic.

This work round did not work for me, I had my first crash to D after this patch.



I had the crash, read the forums, then on my next four flights I left the VFR map open, but minimised, and had no further crashes. I daren’t close it now, but I think some rigorous testing at the weekend is in order.

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