VFR Map in VR Not Fixed


Unfortunately, the latest simulator update ( does NOT fix the regression introduced in the previous release.

The VFR map (and all other popup windows) still appear in-your-face in VR instead of floating properly as it was before.

Also, the resolution issue and low legibility issue remains (it is tied to the desktop window resolution - from which it was independent before).

This is somewhat disappointing considering the size of the update, the low patches frequency and how annoying this issue is in VR.

I guess it’s for next month…

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What issue are you referring to? I haven’t had any issue seeing the windows in VR.

In VR, when your MSFS window is not maximized on the desktop, the popup windows have a very low resolution, making it hard to read labels.

Also, for some people, when activating the windows (weather or VFR for example), the window initially pops right in the middle of the view and tracks the gaze instead of staying at its location.

The workaround for now is to open the settings icon in the VR toolbar and to reset the panels position. This only fixes the position issue, not the resolution.

Not seeing any of these issues in VR, personally.

You have to look-away from center to where-you-want-it-initialized
and Then hit “v” (I say ‘Map’ with VoiceAttack),
and there-where-you-look-in-VR it will popup / same ATC windows etc.

This issue is related with the windowed mode. If you choose the full-screen mode and higher resolution from in-game graphic setting for pc, not for vr, the problem will disappear.

VR users have to maximize FS windows because the mouse resolution also depend of it. If the windows is small the mouse don’t have enough space to capture movements and a tiny movement will be a huge result into VR. Driver resolution is important too, if you have a low res, you can’t generate VR frames properly. Solution: adjust monitor res to your max possibilities and maximize your Flight Simulator windows before to change to VR.

Unfortunately, this does not work when this problem is present.
Like @Woodier72 explains below, it is related to the windowed mode.

Totally right.
Still, this is a regression from before, as it was working perfectly pre 1.14.
They broke it.

Always alt enter full screen when in VR, why wouldn’t you?

My driver resolution is much higher what is displayed in the popups. Again, this is a regression as all of these issues were working fine before version 1.14.

For the window size, many users not having room to spare with their GPU make sure MSFS window is the smallest possible when using VR - the effect is not major but still, it does minimize wasted desktop display.

I was lucky enough to grab a 6800 XT Midnight Black Edition last week. Once in my hands, all of this may become a non-issue.

Then I don’t know what could be the origin of your problem because FS works fine for me. Good luck!

A lot of people are experiencing this issue.

By the way, I tried going back to full-screen mode. It only fixes the popups resolution issue.
When activating them, they still float following the gaze until the panels are reset (which has to be done for every flight).

Aside from being annoying, the experience is not affected.

Thanks anyway.

Then why was this different before sim update 3?

Until sim update 3 I ran my desktop window in windowed mode and as small as I could.

Now to get the VFR map and other windows from the VR Toolbar to display correctly I have to run MSFS desktop in full screen.

I just do not understand why this would not be called regression.

Because the VR mode is distinct from the desktop mode and one should not influence the other.
There’s no reason justifying to force a big desktop window size when never using it. I never fly without VR - once you try, it’s a no way back.

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Why do you want to play VR in Windowed mode? Windowed mode does not lock your mouse in the window. Therefore, at any time you are at risk of accidently clicking the ‘X’ to close the sim while in your VR headset. Full screen is the way to go and safest way to play.

Not really. It has no impact on the mouse. Once MSFS has the focus, the mouse input is grabbed.
Also, once in VR, the mouse cursor only has effect within the VR space. It is impossible to close MSFS while in VR.

For the record, I use WMR with the Microsoft Store version of MSFS. I presume it’s the same with the other platforms.

This wasn’t true for me. In Windowed mode even with the VR headset on, you can accidently close the sim. Try moving your mouse to the top right of your vision and clicking. Most notably it happened with flipping the overhead panel switches on the A320 for me.

Why do you want to play in Windowed mode?

The original reason was that many people tried to minimize the GPU resources wasted in copying the helmet content in the desktop window since it has no purpose. The gain is limited but still, any wasted resource is a waste.

I just realized what you’re actually experiencing, floating tools following your gaze, had that happen. This is not a bug I think, this is faulty initialization of the WMR VR mode.

There are 2 issues, faulty VR mouse pointer initialization, you cannot see this in MSFS VR until after you entered the “READY TO FLY” cockpit seat, you have to exit MSFS VR and unpower G2 and start over and sometimes MSFS crashes or because of G2 device change (VR, VR Audio, VR Mic) MSFS will freeze for 5 minutes,

when I sit behind my monitor and switched 2D to VR, stayed in that position in VR and NOT in “READY TO FLY” cockpit seat, then I move to my pilot seat, then hit “READY TO FLY” when already in VR, that change of position (in my case 1.5m/5ft), this screws the VR mouse pointer and these bad Toolbar tools windows happen.

Now, I take care, 1. my WMR portal is properly initialized or I will restart with full power OFF/ON, 2. I make sure I do not move seats in between the MSFS VR switch, I will hit “READY TO FLY” from that position at my desk (check everything is OK) and only then move seats, or, I do not enter VR mode, change seats in 2D and only then switch VR.