VFR Map in VR Not Fixed


Aside from the floating popups following the gaze, I never experienced anything you are describing.
The mouse cursor always behaved as intended.
I can also switch from VR to desktop at any time without any issues. Pressing the space bar is sometimes required after switching back to VR to re-center the helmet view.

For the record, I use a Lenovo Explorer headset.

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As I mentioned power off/ power on, perhaps you have your VR always connected? I have a USB hub with switches so I can do the w. no hassle, and powered Off after gaming.

I don’t have any of these issues on Rift S

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Is the problem fixed after latest update for u guys? Because I am still experiencing it. I have never seen floating windows in proper working because I started flying on VR recently. The menus keep following my gaze and mouse cant do anything too.

Same here with WMR. Every flight (e.g. in bush trip) I have to do TAB => Reset Panels to get rid of the map and directions that follow my gaze and block the center of my view and cannot be closed using the mouse…

any idea why it’s not in "Top Bugs’’ Section yet, or everyone is just getting used to resetting the panels lol. Lets take it there.

The same thing happens to me using a Lenovo Explorer lens. It does not happen with samsung odyssey so I suspect that the problem is Lenovo.

Well, this is VERY interesting.

Are you saying that you use 2 different headsets on the SAME computer and you only get the issue with the Lenovo Explorer?

That would mean the problem is only with an very limited number of people. Also, I wonder what is different with the Lenovo Explorer. It’s part of a “generic design” of generation 1 headsets for WMR. Therefore, The Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell should all behave the same as they are just different plastic shell over the same internals.

That’s right … In a few days I will receive an Oculus Quest 2 and that will be the final confirmation.

Makes sense. Even I use Acer WMR headset. and I’m facing this problem.

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Well. Definitely the problem is Lenovo Explorer.
On the same PC with the same configuration the Oculus Quest 2 and Samsung Odyssey lenses do not have the problem of floating windows.

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Thank you so much for reporting this.

It’s both good and sad as now, we know the problem source but at the same time, chances that this will get a fix are slim. Microsoft as no more interest in VR.

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Any update on this bug people? I still have to reset toolbars before every flight.

Unfortunately, nothing.
BTW, it seems this issue only affects users with WMR and 1st generation headsets (Lenovo, Acer, Dell).

If we’re lucky, the July 27th simulator 5 update “may” resolve the issue.

I have this issue with my Vive Pro 2.

I was reading that you can just disable the full screen optimization in the compatibility tab. have you tried that to see if you keep the windowed performance benefits yet gain the full screen benefits as well?

I noticed that cranking up the steamvr scaling and dropping the in-game renderscale to 50 (so that your final resoultion as reported in-game remains similar) makes menus and panels like vfr map extremely clear while not hurting performance. I also keep it in windowed mode, at maybe 80% of full screen size otherwise nametag labels are too hard to read.